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What is the $210 million EuroMillions Lotto superdraw?


As of 1 February, 2020, due to changes in the EuroMillions lottery, most Superdraws will be worth around AUD$210 million instead of AUD$160 million. They’ll also be happening on average of three times per year instead of 2!

What makes Superdraws special?

The EuroMillions Superdraw is a special event that occurs sporadically and offers a guaranteed jackpot worth a minimum of AUD$160 million.

This prize money is offered regardless of how small the lottery jackpot is in the EuroMillions draw preceding it.

We know of no other lottery jackpot that can jump from AUD$25 million (which is the usual minimum EuroMillions jackpot amount) to AUD$160 million in the space of one draw.

Superdraws occur in place of regular EuroMillions lotto draws (except with much more money on offer).

They work in exactly the same way; you don’t have to do anything differently to enter.

Our matching European Millions lottery also works the same way!

For the uninitiated this means you need to select 5 numbers between 1 and 50 and 2 ‘lucky stars’ between 1 and 12. You can choose you own numbers yourself, or you can choose the ‘quick play’ option, where we select random numbers for you. Randomly chosen numbers have exactly the same chances of winning as numbers that you have selected yourself.

Our ticket price remains the same as regular draws and they’re no more difficult to win; the chances of winning remain exactly the same as any non-superdraw jackpot.

With 13 prize divisions up for grabs, you don’t have to claim the main prize to walk away a winner.

When a $20 million lotto superdraw just won’t cut it

Unlike other Saturday lotto superdraws (and megadraws, which can be worth $30 million), the Euromillions version (and also our matching European Millions) is worth a staggering AUD$160 million.

In the event that nobody takes out the first prize, it rolls over to the next draw, except with an even bigger jackpot on offer! It can roll over until it hits the jackpot cap. This means it’s no problem if it’s not won… there’s still another chance to win.

It doesn’t take a genius to see which lotto superdraw has the most to offer.

Sounds great! When is the next one?

One was scheduled to take place on October 4, 2019 but the jackpot was already up to AUD$310 million, so it was postponed.

When the next EuroMillions Superdraw takes place, we will match it with our own European Millions so fingers crossed it’s not too far off!

There are usually a few each year, and they can come at any time. They’re usually announced a few weeks before the draw, so be sure to check in regularly with The Lottery Office to make sure you don’t miss out!

For every ticket you buy in our own government licensed European Millions lottery, we buy a matching ticket in the corresponding EuroMillions draw. With this system, entry in our lottery ensures you can win from the AUD$160 million superdraws offered by the EuroMillions. We buy matching tickets and pay the exact same prize money. We guarantee you will receive the full prize amount of any prizes you win.

Superdraw story

The superdraw on February 1, 2019 went unclaimed, and rolled over until the February 19 draw, when it was won by a family syndicate. Their prize? A cool AUD$285 million. It’s hard to think of a single family whose lives wouldn’t be completely transformed by a prize of that size. It’s more than enough for the whole family, with one member saying,

‘We are a very close family. What is so exciting is that we will be able to share this money with children, grandchildren and extended family members.’

They stashed the winning ticket in a catalogue under a mattress until they could claim their win. Good for them!

Although we can’t help but think what would have happened had they lost their ticket! With The Lottery Office, you wouldn’t have this problem, we email your tickets to you and keep a copy on file so we can monitor them. When also contact you in the event of a big win.

Who’s next?

The reality is that you have the same chances of winning as anyone. Chance your arm with a European Millions ticket today.

Remember, you don’t need to wait for a superdraw to play. With a MINIMUM jackpot of AUD$26 million, ANY time is a good time to play!


How does Lotto Superdraw work?

The EuroMillions lotto Superdraw works in exactly the same way as any other EuroMillions draw, where 5 main numbers are randomly selected from a barrel of balls numbered 1-50 and 2 lucky stars are randomly selected from a separate barrel of balls numbered 1-12. Our matching lottery, the European Millions, works in the same way. When you buy a ticket in our European Millions or our European Millions Superdraw, we buy a matching ticket in a EuroMillions draw overseas. If the EuroMillions ticket wins any prizes, we collect them. Then, we pay you the same amount.

What is the biggest EuroMillions jackpot ever?

To date, the EuroMillions has reached €190 million (AUD$305 million) on several occasions. The maximum allowable jackpot has since been extended to €200 million (AUD$320 million). When will we see this huge prize amount won? Time will tell.

Will EuroMillions continue after Brexit?

Yes, the EuroMillions and our European Millions will both continue as normal after Brexit.

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