Terms & Conditions of Use

Global Players Network Pty Ltd (The Licensee) claims copyright and ownership of the intellectual property for the contents of this website. Any unauthorised copying or other misuse of this site or the contents will be prosecuted.

Terms & Conditions of Use

Welcome to The Lottery Office. Please ensure you read the following Terms and Conditions before using this website, www.lotteryoffice.com.au (The Lottery Office) together with any sub-domains, content, marks and services to ensure you are aware of your legal rights and obligations with ‎respect to The Lottery Office and the services it provides. By using the website, including viewing the content, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions of the website apply to both Registered Players and visitors to the website.

The Lottery Office is operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, 0821, and licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions The Lottery Office includes all registered businesses and companies owned by Global Players Network Pty Ltd and approved for this purpose by written Direction of the Director of Gaming Control, Department of Justice of the Northern Territory. Our licence number is IGL1001 which can be confirmed at https://licensingnt.nt.gov.au/PublicRegister/PublicRegister/LicenceSearch.aspx or by calling Licensing NT on +61 8 8999 1800. The Licensing contact web page can be found at https://nt.gov.au/industry/licences/licensing-nt-contacts.

We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to change these website Terms and Conditions at any time and The Lottery Office will post any Government approved changes to the Terms and Conditions on the website. The approved new version of these Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately upon posting to The Lottery Office website and the next time a Registered Player logs on to the website they will receive a notification alert advising that the Terms and Conditions have been updated and continued use of the services provided on the website acknowledges acceptance of the changed Terms and Conditions.

We hereby grant permission to access and use the website, provided you comply with these Terms and Conditions and applicable law and do not copy, distribute or modify any part of the website without prior written authorisation from The Lottery Office nor use, modify, create derivative works of, transfer (by sale, resale, licence, sub-licence, download or otherwise), reproduce, distribute, display or disclose content, except as explicitly authorised; nor disrupt servers or networks connected to the website; nor use or launch any automated system (including without limitation, "robots" and "spiders") to access and/or use the website.

The Lottery Office reserves the right at any time, in its absolute discretion, to deny, suspend or terminate your Online Account or your access to the website, or to shut your Online Account or the website down, cancel or suspend the Online Account or the website, for any reason whatsoever, including, without any limitation, for a breach of these Terms and Conditions or any instruction or rule appearing on the website.

Furthermore you agree not to use communications systems within the website to send unsolicited or unauthorised commercial communications; nor use the website for any fraudulent or deceptive purposes; and/or circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the website or features that restrict or prevent use or copying of any content or that enforce limitations on use of the website. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the website.


"Approved": Means approved by the Director of Gaming Control (the Director) of Licensing NT by written Direction and in accordance with the Gaming Control Act (NT).

"Bonus": Money value provided to the registered player by The Lottery Office at its sole discretion, which may or may not have associated deposit or purchasing requirements. Bonus is credited to a Player's Online Account and cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other online accounts. It may only be used in further stipulated transactions with The Lottery Office.

"Charity Fund Donation": At the discretion of The Lottery Office a monthly percentage of the Net Ticket Revenue will be calculated at a rate which may vary from time to time. These rates will depend on the current salability of the Lotteries and the monthly rate will be notified to the Director. All monies donated by The Lottery office for the Charity Fund will be banked monthly in a charity fund account and used solely for donation to charities or expended on community benefit projects. The donation to the Charity Fund will be audited annually. Details of monies donated may be posted on the website.

"Cut-Off Time - Player": The remaining time until The Lottery Office accepts entries for the next draw for a certain Lottery draw. The cut-off time is based on the local time, local rules of the relevant Lottery and the local opening hours of the local Lottery selling agents.

"Cut-Off Time - Lottery": The time that the Lottery must stop processing ticket orders in accordance with the rules for the operation of that Lottery.

"Direction": Means a written directive by the Director of Gaming Control of Licensing of the Northern Territory in accordance with the Gaming Control Act (NT).

"Foreign Lottery": A nominated Lottery conducted by a Lottery Operator in a country outside the customer’s jurisdiction which is regulated by the Government of that country.

"Foreign Lottery Entry": The order submitted by The Lottery Office to the relevant Foreign Lottery Operator to purchase Lottery Tickets as a result of the receipt of an Order Form from the player and payment of the required charges. Relevant Foreign Lotteries that may be offered appear in Schedule A.

"Foreign Lottery Ticket": Ticket in a Lottery purchased by The Lottery Office as a result of a Foreign Lottery Entry which are owned and played by The Lottery Office for the benefit of the customer.

"Foreign Lottery Prize": The prize money payable to and then collected by The Lottery Office as a result of winning Foreign Lottery Tickets.

"Foreign Lottery Draws": Each Foreign Lottery Draw is performed by the individual Foreign Lottery Operator and as such, your order for each of our lotteries matched to a Foreign Lottery Draw is subject to the terms and conditions of the related Lottery Operator which you agree to comply with by ordering with The Lottery Office. See Schedule A

"Game": Each individual number set entered in a Lottery draw.

"Government Regulator": The Department, or their officially appointed representative, of the Northern Territory Government of Australia who has the responsibility for the administration of the relevant part of the Gaming Control Act (NT) and the regulation of the licensed operations of The Lottery Office. At the present time the Government Regulator is known as "Licensing NT".

"Ineligible Player": Any person who is under 18 years of age, or any person who is NOT a resident of Australia or New Zealand, or any person who has been, or is a member of a class of persons who have been, declared ineligible by the Government Regulator, will not be able to register as a player on this website. Residents of countries not restricted by local or international laws will be able to register as players on a sister website which will be subject to the same terms and conditions.

"Log-in information": Unique log-in credentials, generated during the registration process.

"Lottery": Is a lottery operated by us that the Director has approved to be conducted and drawn in the Northern territory and which may be matched, at the discretion of The Lottery Office, to certain Lotteries conducted outside of Australia as nominated by the Director in a written Direction. Lotteries and matched Foreign Lotteries appear in schedule A.

"Lottery Entry": An entry in a Lottery as a result of a Lottery Order received from the Player via an Order Form.

"Lottery Draws": Are conducted in Darwin by the Lottery Operator under the supervision of Licensing NT. Although our lotteries may be matched with a Foreign Lottery and therefore may have the same outcome as that Foreign Lottery Draw for the sake of clarity it is confirmed that all of our lotteries will be drawn in Darwin at the time that the winning numbers are declared by the approved lottery system. Your participation in each Lottery Draw is subject to the relevant Lottery terms and conditions and rules for that Lottery as well as the subject Terms and Conditions for any relevant matched Foreign Lottery and you agree to comply with both.

"Lottery Operator": Refers to the organisation operating the relevant Lottery and may also be referred to as a Foreign Lottery Operator who is licensed to operate a national Lottery within a specific country.

"Lottery Order": The Order Forms for a Lottery completed by the Player and sent from the Player’s Shopping Cart to the Lottery Office by the Player with authority to pay for the costs of the Order by either or both (as required) the deduction of the costs from the Player’s Online Account and charging the costs to the Player’s preferred payment method.

"Lottery Prize": The prize money payable to the customer by The Lottery Office as a result of winning Lottery Tickets in accordance with the rules of the approved Lottery.

"Lottery Ticket": Ticket in a Lottery issued by The Lottery Office to a customer as a result of a Lottery Entry.

"Matched Lotteries": By Direction of the Director of Gaming Control and under our licenses, the nominated Foreign Lotteries have been matched with our approved Lotteries so that for every approved Lottery Ticket that we issue we must purchase a ticket in the relevant matched Foreign Lottery that has:

  • The same possible winnings numbers;
  • The same draw time, date, place and methodology;
  • The same possible winning outcome; and
  • The same prize money if it is a winning ticket.

See Schedule A for our current approved Matched Lotteries. We may have agreements with Matched Lotteries or their agents for ticketing purposes but we are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any of the Matched Lotteries.

"Minimum Deposit Amount": Refers to the minimum deposit amount that a Player can make via Pay In-Store ($1 minimum deposit amount) payment method. No other payment methods offered have a minimum deposit amount.

"Minimum Withdrawal Amount": Refers to the minimum withdrawal amount of $5 AUD a Player can withdraw from their Online Account at any time.

"Multi-Draw Service": A Multi-Draw Service that may be offered by The Lottery Office is a service offered whereby Registered Players may elect to automatically participate in a specific Lottery on a periodic basis with authority given for the relevant costs of play to be automatically deducted either up front or before each relevant draw from their Online Account or through a top-up of their Online Account from their authorised payment method subject to the notifications provided herein.

"Net Ticket Revenue": The revenue received by The Lottery Office from the sale of its tickets in lotteries that it operates less the prize component of the ticket price and in the case of a matched lottery that prize component will be the purchase price of the matching Foreign Lottery Ticket. The net ticket revenue is used by The Lottery Office to calculate the monthly Charity Fund Donation. As the Net Ticket Revenue is also used by the NT Government to calculate the taxes payable at the prevailing rate on the individual lotteries the prevailing rate of tax will impact the percentage used to calculate the Charity Fund Donation.

"Northern Territory": - As the case requires, the body politic established by that name by the Northern Territory (Self Government Act) 1978 (Cth), or the geographic area defined as "the Northern Territory" in the Northern Territory Acceptance Act 1910 (Cth).

"Official Result": The winning numbers, number of winners and prizes of each category published by the official Lottery Operator.

"Online Account": Account created by a Player on the website through which the Player can have access to their current transactions, transaction history and Lottery games conducted with The Lottery Office.

"Order Form": Online game selection form containing those relevant features offered by The Lottery Office for that particular Lottery. Features include: Quick Play (games made up of randomly selected numbers from the Total Range of Numbers for that lottery), Choose Your Own Numbers (function for Players to select their own numbers from the Total Range of Numbers for that lottery) and the total number of draws for the games to be entered. The Order Form is filled out on The Lottery Office website by the Player and "Order" has a corresponding meaning.

"Order Form Price": Price displayed on the website at the time you submit the Order Form. This price includes any applicable Goods and Services Tax (GST) and any applicable Charity Fund Fee.

"Play": Means each of the total game entries contained within a Lottery Ticket issued by The Lottery Office to a Player following the processing of the relevant Lottery Order pursuant to the contract with the Player as described more fully hereunder, and "Player" and "Playing" have corresponding meanings.

"Player Imposed Spend Limits": Player may choose to set a weekly spend limit, and can do so when they log into their Online Account. Weekly spend is a rolling 7 day calculation.

"Player Ticket History": The "My Draws" section on the website that contains details of all of the Lottery Tickets and Matched Lottery tickets purchased by the Player and the draw outcomes of those Tickets.

"Prize Category": In respect of a draw the relevant tier or division of winnings as determined by the amount of numbers correctly matched (including bonus balls and/or stars, if applicable).

"Prize Winnings": The premium paid to the Registered Player by The Lottery Office in respect of each successful Lottery play which will be equal to the value of the Lottery Prize.

"Registered Player": Person over the age of 18 years who has opened an account on the website.

"Shopping Cart": Contains the Player’s current orders which have not been submitted to The Lottery Office.

"Secure Payment Method": Refers to the available methods of making payments to verified players for their winnings. Those methods are: direct deposit into a bank account in Australia in the player’s name; a company cheque in the name of the verified player; a bank cheque payable to the verified player or payment through other commercial payment processing facility approved by The Lottery Office which can ensure payment is made to the verified player.

"Syndicate": Group of Registered Players collectively playing a specific number of Tickets and collectively sharing the Prize Winnings based on the individual rules of the certain group game.

"Syndicate Play Service": A term applied in some countries for the service offered by The Lottery Office involving our methodology of using Foreign Lottery Draws from which a customer may benefit.

"Systems Play": Lotto Systems Play contains special Order features including enabling Players to: (i) select more than the required standard draw numbers to be played in combination; and (ii) to select fewer than the required standard draw numbers with missing numbers to be filled with every possible outcome. Our Rules and specific Terms and Conditions relating to Systems Play can be found on our website at https://www.lotteryoffice.com.au/lotto-systems/.

"Terms and Conditions": Means all these terms and conditions contained herein and "T’s and C’s" has a corresponding meaning.

"Ticket Purchase Price": The total cost of purchasing a ticket in a lottery operated by The Lottery Office including GST and Taxes.

"Total Number Range": The total range of numbers from which winning numbers can be randomly selected in accordance with the rules of that relevant Lottery.

"Unverified Player": Registered Player with a limit of under $500 AUD combined deposits, whose identity has not been verified.

"Verified Player": Registered Player whose identity has been verified. Single deposits and purchases limited to $3,000 AUD. Total purchases limited to $10,000 AUD within a 7 day period. Maximum allowable Online Account balance $5,000 AUD.

"Website" or "website": Both refer to the website www.lotteryoffice.com.au (The Lottery Office) and any other sub-domains or associated websites owned by Global Players Network Pty Ltd. It may include a sister website that The Lottery Office may operate for non-Australian customers which will operate under identical Terms and Conditions of service.

"Website Currency": Australian Dollar (AUD)

"Website Time": Transaction times will be displayed relevant to the player's time zone.

Lottery Service

The Lottery Office is incorporated and resident in Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia (NT). It is licensed (Licence Number IGL1001) and regulated by the Director of Gaming Control, Licensing NT, Department of Justice and the Attorney General, Government of the NT (collectively the “Regulator”). It operates lotteries which can be matched to overseas lotteries (Foreign Lotteries) as authorised by the Regulator that may otherwise be unavailable to customers in Australia or in their own countries.

The Lottery Office issues Lottery Tickets from which customers may benefit in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the rules for the conduct of the relevant Lottery or the matched Foreign Lottery.

The obligations of The Lottery Office and the Player are bound in a separate contract formed in Darwin for each Order Form received by The Lottery Office from a Player and subsequently processed. The Lottery Office website presents an opportunity to enable you to benefit from various Lotteries:

  1. Subject to the further terms set out below, you and The Lottery Office will be bound by these Terms and Conditions when your Order Form(s) contained in your Lottery Order can be retrieved from The Lottery Office's server in the Northern Territory of Australia. The proper law of the contract so formed will be the law of the Northern Territory and will be governed by and under the exclusive jurisdiction of NT law/Courts.
  2. On formation of that contract by valid payment on The Lottery Office website, The Lottery Office becomes bound to:
    1. Issue you with a Lottery Ticket in accordance with your Order Form; and (in the case of matched lotteries)
    2. Purchase relevant games in your chosen matched Foreign Lottery which The Lottery Office shall own in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The transaction between you and The Lottery Office is a contractual agreement entered into in the Northern Territory upon:
    1. Receipt by The Lottery Office of an Order Form detailing your lottery order and containing/authorising payment.
    2. In accordance with your Order Form and The Lottery Office issuing you with a Lottery Ticket or Tickets which may follow the acquisition by The Lottery Office of games in your selected Matched Lottery which The Lottery Office shall own.
    3. For the sake of clarity The Lottery Office stipulates that the contract will be formed in the Northern Territory when The Lottery Office receives clear, unencumbered payment for the Lottery Ticket(s) it issued to you.
    4. The contractual relationship created by the order form and valid payment shall be governed by the law of the Northern Territory and you accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian Courts in determining any dispute between you and The Lottery Office.
    5. Your contractual relationship with The Lottery Office entitles you to ownership of any resulting Lottery Ticket(s) that were ordered by you in an Order Form. It does not entitle you to ownership of any Foreign Lottery Ticket(s), nor does it entitle you to receive or have delivered to you any Foreign Lottery Ticket(s), nor does The Lottery Office act as your agent in any respect including when we collect any Foreign Lottery Prize.
    6. The Lottery Ticket details will be identical to any Foreign Lottery Ticket purchased by The Lottery Office in that Foreign Lottery nominated in your Order Form as previously detailed. The customer contract made is guaranteed by that matched Foreign Lottery Ticket purchased by The Lottery Office and held in the name of The Lottery Office, thereby ensuring payment of any contractual entitlement of winnings to you. We do not take bets on lottery outcomes.

The Lottery Office will pay to you an amount equivalent to the winnings that The Lottery Office receives from playing the Foreign Lotteries as requested by you.

If you wish to place an order for a Lottery Draw, you must complete an Order Form on the website by:

  1. choosing the Order Form for the relevant Lottery;
  2. entering your chosen selections into each field for the Lottery for the relevant service offered by The Lottery Office;
  3. submitting the completed Order Form; and
  4. paying the Price for the completed Order Form and thereby participating in the relevant Lottery Draw.

The Order Form Price is displayed on the website at the time you submit the Order Form. The Order Form Price is subject to change from time to time, as displayed on the website and is subject to the number of games the Player selected on the Order Form.

The Website Currency is Australian dollars and as the matched Foreign Lotteries are conducted in the currency of the relevant local jurisdiction the following provisions will apply to the currency conversion to Australian Dollars (AUD):

  1. As all lottery tickets sold to customers are our own lotteries they will be advertised and sold in AUD;
  2. High division winners ($10,000AUD) or more will be paid their winnings in AUD converted at the prevailing exchange rate on the day that The Lottery Office collects its winnings from the matching Foreign Lottery ticket;
  3. All other matched lottery winnings will be paid in AUD converted at the prevailing exchange rate at the time that we conduct our Lottery Draw;
  4. Prize amounts quoted on the website in AUD for the matched lotteries will be updated daily with the prevailing daily exchange rate.

Payment of the Order Form Price will be made in AUD and for New Zealand Players the exchange rate of the Order cost to NZD will be determined by the Player’s bank or financial service at the relevant transaction time.


Players are visitors to the website. In order to become a Registered Player, visitors are required to register for an Online Account on the website. The Lottery Office reserves the right to refuse in its absolute discretion to complete registration for any prospective player for any reason. In accordance with the rules of our government licence and our Terms and Conditions, persons resident in some countries may be ineligible to apply.

While The Lottery Office will use its best efforts to only offer registration of an Online Account in countries where it is legal to do so, it is the responsibility of the visitors to the website to ensure that they are not breaking any local laws by registering an account and utilising our services.

The website is not intended for individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years or any ineligible player. Should you be underage or otherwise considered to be an Ineligible Player you are prohibited from applying for and registering an Online Account. Should it come to our attention through reliable means that a Registered Player is either under the age of 18 years or otherwise an Ineligible Player we will immediately cancel the account of the underage player or the ineligible player who has used incorrect information to register with us. In such circumstances that underage player or Ineligible Player will not be entitled to any payment of prize money resulting from Lottery participation and such prize money will be paid to registered charities under the supervision of our Government Regulator. The balance of any funds deposited by the underage player at the time of the account closure will be paid to the Government Regulator and that player should then make appropriate application to the Government Regulator for recovery of that money.

Play is conducted pursuant to Order Forms we receive from Players in accordance with the terms of the contract formed with the Player. The fact of Lottery Tickets being issued from an Order Form does not mean or imply that the customer is personally playing in the relevant Foreign Lottery which is matched to their Lottery Ticket.

Should a Registered Player provide credit card or banking information relating to a bank account held jointly with another party or parties, he/she accepts that Prize Winnings won by him/her may be paid into that jointly held bank account and this will be a full legal discharge of The Lottery Office's legal obligation to pay the Registered Player any of the Prize Winnings.

The Lottery Office welcomes interaction and communication from Registered Players on our social medial sites. The Lottery Office reserves the following rights regarding Registered Players visiting those sites:

  • Our customer service team may contact you by email, telephone or letter to discuss comments, issues, concerns or statements that you have made on those sites concerning The Lottery Office and/or its products and services;
  • We may remove your relevant posts and entries from our sites without further reference to you if in our sole opinion you make unwarranted criticisms or statements that may damage our reputation and/or Lottery products and further we may, in such circumstances, immediately close your Online Account and add you to our exclusion list.

Online Account

In order to use services offered by The Lottery Office it is a requirement for a Player to create an Online Account and submit certain mandatory information to us in connection with that Online Account. When creating your Online Account, you must provide accurate and complete information. A Player upon registration at the website is issued with log-in information specified by the Player at the time of registration. Log-in information shall be used to place orders for chosen lotteries and carry out deposit and withdrawal transactions from within their Online Account.

You agree not to create an Online Account for anyone else or use the Online Account of another. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs within your Online Account, and it is your responsibility to keep your Online Account log-in information secure. You must notify The Lottery Office immediately upon any breach of security or unauthorised use of your Online Account. Within your Online Account is a historical record of all transactions, personal details and payment information. Registered Players may change his/her password at any time via their Online Account on the website.

The Online Account may not be operated as a bank account and to prevent this these Terms and Conditions do not operate so as to permit Players to withdraw funds deposited for Lottery Play. Only Prize Winnings may be withdrawn from the Online Account.

Closure of Online Account

You may close your Online Account at any time by following the Account Closure procedures in the ‘My Account’ section of the website or app or by contacting our Customer Support Team via the details contained on the website. The Lottery Office may close an Online Account at any time in accordance with our Responsible Gambling Policy (as referred to in these Terms and Conditions) to protect potential problem gamblers. The Lottery Office may also close, terminate or suspend an Online Account without notice for any other reason in its absolute discretion including, without limitation, for breaches of these Terms and Conditions. Subject to these Terms and Conditions the Player’s rights with respect to any funds in their Online Account, or to entitlements from Orders validly placed prior to suspension, termination or closure of the Online Account, will survive that suspension, termination or closure. If an Online Account has been inactive for a period of three years without a reason satisfactory to The Lottery Office then we may close that Online Account. Prior to the closure of the account if the account is to be closed otherwise than for a breach of the Terms and Conditions, The Lottery Office will email and attempt to make telephone contact with the Player to advise their account balance of deposited funds (if any) and that such funds will be paid to the Regulator if not spent down on lottery purchases prior to account closure.

Upon closure of an Online Account:

  1. All winnings in the Online Account will be paid to the Registered Player either via Bank Transfer if available, or by cheque, which will be mailed to their registered address.
  2. If the closure relates to identified potential problem gambler issues all of the balance of the Online Account will be paid to the Registered Player either via Bank Transfer if available or by cheque, which will be mailed to their registered address.
  3. In other cases of Online Account closure the Lottery Office may pay player deposited funds held in the Online Account at the time of closure back to that Player if such a payment is permitted under its approved control procedures e.g. cases of mistake or financial hardship. In all other cases such deposited funds will be paid into the control of the Government Regulator for a determination of whether the funds will forfeit to the Government Regulator or repaid to the former Player.
  4. All payments to Players upon closure of Online Accounts (except those closed for potential problem gambler issues) will be subject to the minimum withdrawal amount of $5 AUD and an account closure fee of $10.

Online Account Restrictions

Some employees or agents of The Lottery Office may be notified that they are not permitted to register as players or open Online Accounts. Registered Players are not permitted to have more than one Online Account at any time. Should additional Online Accounts be opened The Lottery Office will be entitled in its sole discretion to investigate and close any such Online Accounts without notice. In accordance with our Licence with the Northern Territory Government, account balance, deposit and withdrawal limits apply.

Unverified Players

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Act 2006 now requires all providers of online gambling operators to verify their customer details within 14 days of the customer opening an account. Our customer accounts are opened upon the customer making their first deposit (for lottery purchases) under the account number allocated to them. Although lotteries are generally exempt from the requirements of the Act, in the spirit of cooperation with authorities we also attempt to verify your identity within 14 days. This ID verification is a central platform of our approved responsible gambling program. It is also a requirement of our Government Regulator. Players are not permitted to withdraw from their account until verification is complete and we place strict spending limits on unverified players.

Unverified Players are those players whose identity has not been verified in accordance with the requirements of the Government Regulator. That verification is initially undertaken by The Lottery Office through organisations supplying approved commercial verification services. You agree that in order to enable us to undertake this verification we may, in with our Privacy Policy, securely disclose your personal details to Third Parties such as but not limited to Government agencies and to those approved organisations that assist us to verify your identity (including credit reporting agencies).

Once identification verification has been completed Players are classified as Verified Players. If satisfactory verification is not achieved The Lottery Office may require the Player to provide proof of identity in an acceptable form which may include Government issued photo ID. Unverified Players are not permitted to make total deposits to their Player Account in excess of $500 AUD and are not permitted to make debit withdrawals from their Online Account.

Verified Players

Verified Players may be required to supply additional identification including Government issued photo ID if they have a deposit of Prize Winnings to their Online Account of a high division winner payment of $10,000 or more. All verification procedures and standards are in accordance with all relevant international money laundering and anti-terrorism laws. This additional verification must be completed before any payment from the Online Account is made to the Player irrespective of time limits governing allowable Online Account balances. The maximum allowable Online Account balance for Player deposited funds for Verified Players is $5,000 AUD. The maximum allowable amount on a single transaction by a Verified Player is $3,000 AUD.

Allowable Online Account Balance

When any Player's Online Account balance exceeds $5,000 AUD due to Prize Winnings deposited but remains under $6,000 AUD, the Player may keep all funds in their Online Account for further play. If Prize Winnings take the balance of a Player’s Online Account over $6,000 AUD the Player may use that credit balance for future game payment for one month then any balance over $6,000 AUD must be paid to the Player subject to any required ID verification by The Lottery Office.

Payments to Players will be by the Player’s chosen payment method unless the payment is in excess of $10,000 in which case such high division payments will always be by bank cheque or direct electronic deposit.

Player Imposed Spend Limits

A player may choose to set a weekly spend limit and can do so when they log into their Online Account. Weekly spend is a rolling 7 day calculation.

Lottery Draws

Each Lottery Draw is subject to the terms, conditions and rules as approved for that Lottery including the terms and conditions of matched Foreign Lotteries which are stipulated by the Foreign Lottery Operator which you agree to comply with.

Cut-off Time

The Lottery Office will cease accepting the submission of Order Forms a set number of hours prior to the drawing of the related Lottery Draw or the Foreign Lottery Draw as the case may be. The amount of time that is remaining until the Cut-Off time for each Lottery Draw will be displayed on the website. The Lottery Office retains the right in their sole discretion to determine the Cut-Off time. Once the Cut-Off time for a particular Lottery or Foreign Lottery Draw has expired, any Order Form submitted for that Lottery will be processed for the next available draw.

Submitting an Order Form

Players complete the required details and options contained on the Order Form for the relevant Lottery. On proper completion the Order Form will be transferred to the Shopping Cart. Several completed Order Forms may be in the Shopping Cart at the same time and these will comprise the Lottery Order.

Shopping Cart

The Player may select the details of their desired Order which will be automatically placed in the Player’s Shopping Cart. This is done by completing Order Forms.

For properly completed Order Forms in the Shopping Cart, the details of the next available draw date for the Lottery, the name of any Matched Lottery, the Order Form cost and the total cost of the Lottery Order will be displayed when the Player visits the Shopping Cart.

The Shopping Cart does not have to be submitted for purchase at the end of a Player session on the website. The Player is encouraged to review the orders in the Cart to ensure accuracy and affordability. For reasons detailed later in these T’s & C’s due to the nature of the services we offer to Players, Orders cannot be cancelled once they are submitted.

Therefore, in accordance with The Lottery Office’s commitment to responsible gambling the Shopping Cart may be submitted at a later time to The Lottery Office for transactions to be finalised. This is effectively a "cooling off" period as protection against impulsive purchasing or human error. Order Forms can be added to or deleted from the Shopping Cart prior to submission of the Order. All of the current Order Forms in the Shopping Cart are submitted as one Lottery Order.

If the Shopping Cart contains Order Forms and has not been visited by the Player for a set time period (as determined and specified by The Lottery Office on the website) an automatic email reminder about the contents of the Shopping Cart will be sent to the Players notified address. Any Order Form that remains in the Shopping Cart past the Cut-Off Time for two relevant draws will be automatically deleted from the Shopping Cart.

Players submit a Lottery Order consisting of all Order Form(s) currently contained in their Shopping Cart. This is done by checking out the Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart is validated to determine whether the Player has enough funds, to ensure that draws aren’t expired, spend limits not breached and where payment to the Online Account is required that it is of sufficient value. Any credit card payment is then transacted and payment is processed. If payment fails for any reason including rejection or service interruption, the checkout ends and the Player receives an error message. If the error is caused by rejection of the transaction the Player can correct the payment method and retry the checkout.

Once any required payment has been transacted it will be credited to the Online Account and quarantined to the extent of the cost of the Order. The Order is processed in the database and this is audited for the Government Regulator.

Lottery Orders have Games committed on The Lottery Office server so that the Order is confirmed in the server database as a processed Order and the Player is directed to the checkout complete page. If for any reason there is a system error or failure the order transaction is rolled back to the Order pending stage and the Player will receive an on-screen error message, at which stage they will be able to retry the Order.

When Lottery Tickets are confirmed as processed the relevant quarantined Player’s funds in their Online Account will be debited to pay the purchase price.

Insufficient Funds

If insufficient funds are available to pay for the Order (or some of them), the amount of the shortfall cost will be displayed together with the Player's default payment method in order to complete the transaction. The Player can then choose to purchase using available funds in their Online Account with the balance being required to be deposited to their Online Account to complete the transaction. Funds will be deducted from their Online Account balance and their chosen payment method. If there are no funds available in their Online Account the Player must choose to pay the full cost of the Order(s) by their chosen payment method thereby enabling funds to be deposited to their Online Account so that The Lottery Office can complete the transaction.

Unpaid Ticket Purchase Price

If for any reason The Lottery Office is not paid the relevant fee for the Ticket Purchase Price for a customer Order, any Prize Winnings otherwise payable to the customer as a result of that Order is void irrespective of whether the non-payment of the fee is as a result of a customer or third party action or omission, whether deliberate, accidental or otherwise (such as cancelling a credit card payment). In all such cases The Lottery Office reserves the right to recover the unpaid Ticket Purchase Price, the value of any Prize Winnings already paid to the Player resulting from the unpaid tickets and all relevant recovery costs through appropriate legal and/or debt recovery action against the customer. Unpaid Ticket Purchase Price may, at the sole discretion of The Lottery Office, be entered as a debit item in, or withdrawn from, the relevant Online Account against any current or further Player deposited funds or Prize Winnings.

Player Ticket History

On submission of the Order Form and following the ensuring of sufficient funds to pay for the Order, the details contained on the Order Form(s) will be converted to the ’My Draws’ screen on the website and if the required Foreign Lottery Tickets are not immediately available the Order will be identified as a ‘Pending’ Order.

In that case the ‘Pending’ status will remain until The Lottery Office has received confirmation from their agent in the relevant Foreign Lottery jurisdiction that the required Foreign Lottery Ticket has been purchased. At that time the relevant Lottery Ticket will be issued by The Lottery Office into the Player’s ‘My Draws’ section of their Online Account.

Lottery Ticket Orders may also be listed as ‘Pending’ Orders if there is an error in the processing of the Order. If so the funds paid will remain quarantined in the Online Account until the Order is processed and the Lottery Tickets issued as a ‘Confirmed’ Order.

The Lottery Ticket will contain the combination of numbers from the Total Number Range for that named Lottery, details of the Matched Lottery and draw time and date. All tickets in the File will contain the date of issue, cost and details of any winning result.

Notification of Confirmation

At the time that a Lottery Ticket is confirmed as being processed the Player will be notified by email to their registered email address.

Foreign Lottery Local Representatives and Non-Cancellation

Following receipt of an Order Form and Order Form Price, we instruct and authorise our engaged accredited local representative to purchase the related Foreign Lottery Ticket from the Foreign Lottery Operator in our name.

All commercially reasonable efforts are made to ensure that each Foreign Lottery Ticket complies and is lodged in accordance with the time-frames set forth in the related Foreign Lottery Operator rules. The Lottery Tickets are purchased locally as soon as possible following your submission of the Order Form. Also Lotteries may have a rule creating a number shield feature to maximise first division prizes.

Consequently you acknowledge that there is no option of cancellation and you agree that your submission of an Order Form and payment of the related Order Form Price is final, non-cancellable, and non-refundable (except as expressly set forth in these T’s and C’s).

Failure to Process Lottery Order Form

If an Order Form is incorrectly completed it will not be able to be placed into the Shopping Cart. If an Order Form cannot be processed by The Lottery Office because of failure of the payment required to complete the transaction the Player will be notified immediately by a pop-up message.

All Order Forms will be processed for the next available draw after receipt by The Lottery Office of the relevant Order Form and confirmed availability of payment from the Online Account. If for any reason the Order Form is not able to be processed by the relevant lottery Cut-Off Time then the quarantined funds for that Order Form will be placed back into the Online Account for the Player to use as they choose. An email will be sent to the Player notifying them if this occurs. The Player acknowledges that notwithstanding any draw dates or Cut-Off Times that may appear on The Lottery Office website for particular Lotteries, the Order Form may not be processed in time for that particular Lottery Draw. Players should check their ’My Draws’ section of their Online Account to see the status of Orders and the draw date for confirmed Lottery Tickets.

Lottery Draw and Results

Following each Lottery Draw, the Lottery Operator publishes the related final and conclusive winning numbers. To the extent that a Lottery Ticket includes winning numbers you will be entitled to Prize Winnings equal to the amount which is paid to The Lottery Office for the relevant Lottery Draw. The necessary winning numbers required to be entitled to Prize Winnings in connection with all Lottery Draws, and the amount of any Lottery Prize, is determined solely by the Lottery Operator. We use commercially reasonable efforts to publish all official Lottery Draw results, including the winning numbers and Prize Winnings, on the Website as soon as possible following official publication by the related Lottery Operator.

You acknowledge that due to Foreign Lotteries results being based on information we must collect from a third party provider, such information may be incorrect, incomplete, and subject to change. If your processed Order Form results in a Prize Winning Lottery Ticket you will be notified via email to your nominated email address by The Lottery Office and (if you have chosen to participate in our SMS notification service) an SMS to your designated mobile phone number, notifying you of your entitlement to collect any Prize Winnings.

Prizes Categories

First Division or Jackpot – Top Prize or First Division win in a particular Lottery Draw: - This prize may include unclaimed first division prizes from previous draws that have jackpotted to the current draw.

Secondary Winnings: - All Prize Winnings that are not a First Division or Jackpot.

Local Taxes
Prizes Winnings may be subject to local tax in the jurisdiction of the Foreign Lottery Operator. You are encouraged to look at the information we have provided on this website regarding how local taxation may reduce the cash value of any prize amount advertised for a Foreign Lottery. The Lottery Office does not provide any warranty on the currency or accuracy of this information.

Annuity Prizes
Where the Foreign Lottery Operator offers a first division prize with the options of that prize to be paid by annuity instalments or by way of single lump sum:

  1. If the Foreign Lottery Operator offers a facility to convert the annuity to a residual lump sum during the term of the annuity then The Lottery Office may, with the agreement of the Government Regulator, elect to offer the annuity payment option to their winning Player.
  2. Should The Lottery Office then at any time cease trading for any reason or should the winning Player make a request to convert the annuity payment plan, then The Lottery Office will at that applicable time instruct the Foreign Lottery Operator to covert the remainder of the First Division Prize from an annuity payment to a residual lump sum and pay that amount to the winning Player.
  3. If the Foreign Lottery Operator does not offer such a conversion facility then The Lottery Office cannot offer the annuity First Division Prize payment option and the winning Player will only be entitled to a payment equal to the lump sum First Division Prize which will therefore usually be at a value less than that advertised.

You are encouraged to look at the information we have provided on this website regarding how annuity options may reduce the lump sum cash value of any prize amount advertised for a Foreign Lottery. The Lottery Office does not provide any warranty on the currency or accuracy of this information.

Promotional Prizes
Players should be aware that The Lottery Office will not pay promotional prizes offered by Foreign Lotteries in their own jurisdiction.

Payment of Prize Winnings

If the Lottery Ticket purchased from us as a result of our receipt of your completed Order Form is entitled to a Lottery Prize including a jackpot or other Prize Winnings, we will then pay these winnings. When a Foreign Lottery Ticket that we have purchased for an Order is a Prize Winning ticket we will collect the Prize Winnings from the Foreign Lottery Operator subject to any deduction for local taxes in that jurisdiction. We will then pay an amount equal to these winnings that we collected to you.

A solo first prize entitlement can only be awarded to singular player owning that ticket. When you buy into a syndicate play, you buy either one share or as many as you want subject to availability, and all other syndicate players do the same. All the money from the sale of the shares is combined to purchase and play larger quantities of lottery tickets, increasing your chances of winning. All syndicate play entitlements will always be divided by the number of shares that are in that syndicate.

The Lottery Office Syndicate Play options offered for the selected lottery draws will display: (i) the fixed numbers of shares in that Syndicate Play into which any prize entitlements will be equally divided; (ii) the stated number of tickets that will be bought for that syndicate play for the relevant lottery draw; (iii) the cost per share of the syndicate play which will depend on the number of tickets to be purchased and the number of shares in the syndicate; and (iv) the number of shares still available to purchase.

The Lottery Office will purchase unsold shares in a syndicate at the time that the syndicate closes prior to the relevant draw. The overall cost of these syndicate tickets purchased by The Lottery Office will be maintained in a syndicate account with current outgoing balances showing the total amount thereby expended by The Lottery Office. Any winnings by The Lottery Office from these syndicate tickets will be shown in the account as a winnings credit which will be factored against the current outstanding balance to show the overall current account balance.

On 30 March and 30 December each year The Lottery Office will determine whether the amount of any credit in the overall current balance will be held in reserve against the purchase of future unsold syndicate tickets, used for future lottery promotional expenses or paid into the Charity Fund.

The Prize Winnings amount will display within your Online Account, however it cannot be withdrawn until your ID verification has been completed and you are classified as a Verified Player. Payment will then be made via a secure payment method in Australian Dollars. All Prize Winnings relevant payments will then display within your Online Account.

You acknowledge and agree that if, for any reason, the Foreign Lottery Operator fails to deliver a relevant Lottery Prize to us we will not be under any obligation to pay a corresponding amount to you.

Winnings which cause allowable Online Account balances to be exceeded may be reinvested subject to the T’s and C’s as previously detailed.

You agree that any bank transfer fees associated with the transfer of Prize Winnings may be deducted from the Prize Winnings amount.

Account Funds

Real money deposited into your Online Account may be used only in connection with your future transactions and is not available for withdrawal.

Bonuses that may be credited to your Online Account may be used solely in connection with your future transactions on the website. You may not withdraw the cash equivalent or monetary value of any unused Bonus from your Online Account. The issue and use of any Bonus is solely at the discretion of The Lottery Office. Where free play is advertised as part of an offer the free play will be funded by Bonus money deposited into your Online Account notwithstanding that The Lottery Office may have to outlay real money to pay for the relevant Lottery Tickets. Free play and bonuses will be revoked and invalid if the qualifying event or Order results in unpaid tickets. Bonuses and undrawn free play Lottery Tickets will become invalid immediately if a Player’s account has been closed for whatever reason.

You may at any time withdraw any unused secondary winnings in your Online Account, or any part thereof, subject to the minimum withdrawal amount requirement of $5.00 AUD, by selecting your preferred withdrawal method.

In order to withdraw certain larger amounts, you may first be required to provide us with specific information that will be used to confirm your identification as previously stated above in these T’s and C’s and/or verify your payment method.

You shall be solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any and all taxes and charges arising from or imposed on amounts paid or transferred to you by the Website under these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge and agree that where necessary the Lottery Operator or The Lottery Office may retain a portion of your Prize Winnings and forward it to the appropriate taxing authority on your behalf.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content on the website including without limitation, the text, documents, descriptions, products, technology, software, graphics, photos, sounds, videos, interactive features, and services (collectively, the "Content") and the trademarks, service marks and logos contained therein ("Marks"), are the property of The Lottery Office and/or its licensors and may or may not be protected by applicable copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property laws and treaties. Content may include information about lotteries in general, Lottery Draws and the results and prize money in connection with the foregoing, and information regarding the odds of winning a Lottery Draw. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the website and the Content. All other trademarks, service marks, and logos used on the website are the trademarks, service marks, or logos of their respective owners.

You are permitted to link to the website provided that you do not replicate any page on the website, however you shall not misrepresent your relationship with The Lottery Office or present false or misleading information about The Lottery Office. You are not permitted to imply that we endorse any services or products without our express prior written consent. Furthermore you shall not link from a website not legally owned by you nor shall you link from a website that contains offensive or controversial content.


We reserve the right to access, interpret, preserve, and disclose any information that we obtain in connection with the Website, and your use thereof, as we reasonably believe is necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, subpoena or governmental request.

Furthermore we reserve the right to enforce the Website Terms and Conditions, including the investigation of possible violations of them, identify, prevent, or otherwise address fraudulent activity, security or technical issues, respond to Registered Player support requests, or protect the rights or property of The Lottery Office, its users or the public. The website may contain links to third party websites not owned or controlled by The Lottery Office and we acknowledge and declare that we are in no way affiliated with, nor have control over, and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any such third party websites.

The Lottery Office cannot guarantee the website will at all times be bug free, or free from virus attacks or security breaches and may from time to time be unavailable due to routine maintenance or website upgrades being performed on the website. The website may also be subject to influence from critical service supply interruptions and from natural disasters. You agree The Lottery Office will not be held responsible for any consequences to you or any third party arising from technical problems associated with the internet, traffic congestion, slow connections, server overload or any alteration of data.

Except as provided in this paragraph, The Lottery Office is not liable for lost Orders or any failure process a Lottery Order or any failure to purchase a Foreign Lottery Ticket for an entry, or any clerical fault included in processing an entry, whether such fault or error arises from The Lottery Office staff or one of our service provider's systems, or from a service provider's human error. To the extent that any such incident arises, we reserve the right to cancel a Lottery Ticket or Orders relating thereto and our sole liability to you shall be a credit of the related Order Form price.

The Lottery Office operates a service matched to other lottery draws operated by Government Licensed Lottery Operators. Your participation in any lottery draw is voluntary and should any dispute with a Foreign Lottery Operator arise you agree that The Lottery Office is in no way liable for any claims as a result. The Lottery Office does reserve the right to monitor any such dispute.

You hereby agree that The Lottery Office does not guarantee that a Foreign Lottery Operator will carry out any lottery draw, honour a Foreign Lottery Ticket and/or pay any applicable lottery prizes. Failure to do so on the part of the Foreign Lottery Operator in no way makes The Lottery Office liable to pay out any prize or amount equivalent to the relevant lottery prize. Should the Foreign Lottery Operator fail to do so you hereby waive your legal right against The Lottery Office.

You may have rights under Australian law enabling you to rely upon implied statutory warranties regarding services provided to you by The Lottery Office, but subject to those rights The Lottery Office's liability to you with respect to any Order Form submitted to The Lottery Office is limited to the amount equal to the Prize Winnings that we received from playing the Foreign Lottery Tickets (if any) as a result of that Order Form together with the cost of your said Order Form for that draw. In any and all cases of negligence or mistake on the part of an employee, servant, agent or contractor of The Lottery Office or any other person with regard to the Order Form you submitted, any liability arising therefrom shall be limited to the amount equal to the Prize Winnings that we received from playing the Foreign Lottery Tickets (if any) as a result of that Order Form together with the cost of your said Order Form for that draw.

Responsible Gambling Policy

The Lottery Office supports and upholds a responsible attitude towards an ongoing responsible gambling policy and in this regard prohibits anyone under the age of 18 years from registering an Online Account and using our services. Furthermore we recommend that all Registered Players establish personal limits for participating in Lottery Draws and we in no way endorse a Player participating in Lottery Draws as a method of deriving income. Should you have concerns about your participation in Lotteries, we would encourage you to contact a suitable counselling organisation like gamblinghelponline.org.au.

If you feel that you have a gambling problem and want to prevent yourself from playing at The Lottery Office please contact customer care at support@lotteryoffice.com.au and request self-exclusion. Your details will be added to our exclusion list, barring you from future play at The Lottery Office.

Subject to the powers of the Director under the Gaming Control Act (NT) and the Licensing Agreement held by The Lottery Office, any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions and/or your use of the website shall be resolved exclusively by arbitration conducted in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia in the English language by a sole arbitrator ("Arbitrator") of the International Chamber of Commerce ("ICC"), under its then-prevailing rules.

You and The Lottery Office agree to the ICC in said venue as the restricted forum for resolving any claim or dispute arising out of or related to these Terms and Conditions relating to your use of the website.

If you and The Lottery Office are not able to agree on a choice of the Arbitrator within fifteen (15) days of one party demanding arbitration, then the ICC shall make the appointment of an Arbitrator who is neutral to the parties in disagreement. The Arbitrator will be bound by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Upon rendering a decision, the Arbitrator shall state in writing the basis for the decision, and the written decision of the Arbitrator shall be binding on the parties to the arbitration. Any judgement upon the award may be entered and enforced in any court of competent jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Lottery Office may seek injunctive relief in any appropriate court. Each party shall bear its own legal and other costs and expenses in connection with the ICC.

Privacy Statement

The Lottery Office adheres to a comprehensive Privacy Policy which contains important information about how we collect, store and use your personal information. One of the essential uses for your personal information is so that we can ensure that you are legally entitled to use our services in accordance with our Government licence and regulatory provisions. This includes ensuring that you are of majority age and are legally entitled to participate in our gaming services.

Your personal information is also used for the purposes of operating our Responsible Gaming Policy as described above. As well as restricting players to the advised betting limits our aim is to prevent the gambling of our players from having a detrimental effect on their lifestyle and that of their families.

We also use your personal information for the effective administration of your lottery participation, recording expenditure and winnings, history of gameplay and outcomes, bonuses earned and expended and all detailed customer service records. We may also use your personal information to make contact for the purposes of alerting you to upcoming lottery jackpot values and your relevant lottery draw outcomes.

Schedule A

Matched Lotteries

Approved Lottery Nominated Foreign Lottery
USA Power Lotto US Powerball
USA Mega Lotto US Mega Millions
European Millions Multi-jurisdiction EuroMillions
UK Lotto UK National Lottery 'Lotto'
Irish Lotto Irish National Lottery 'Lotto'
SuperEnalotto aka Italian Super Jackpot Italy's National SuperEnalotto
European Jackpot Multi-jurisdiction EuroJackpot
La Primitiva Spain's La Primitiva

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