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The advantages of the EuroMillions jackpot cap

The EuroMillions jackpot cap is the highest that a jackpot can go for that lottery. This happens when it hasn’t been won for several draws and has climbed to the point where it hits the limit set by the rules of the game. Our European Millions lottery is matched to the EuroMillions conducted in Austria and is subject to identical rules.

For the European Millions draw that December 9, the jackpot cap reached a its huge tax-free AUD$394 million (€240 million) limit!

Not only that, but the jackpot cap has now been extended; the next time the cap is reached it will be AUD$405 million.

This in itself is astounding, but what if we were to tell you that when the jackpot cap is in play, it could be won as second or even third division prizes?

And what else happens if it isn’t won once the cap is reached?

Upgraded Division 2 Prize

For draws where the cap is in place, there is a special rule that means non-jackpot prizes can be massive. Naturally these prizes are far easier to win than the jackpot, so this is an exciting opportunity.

This is because the money that would normally go towards increasing the jackpot is instead funnelled into the next division with a winner. In most cases that will be division 2, but it could be division 3, if division 2 has no winners, which does happen.

Historically when the jackpot cap has been in place, this has resulted in division 2 prize pools worth well over AUD$30 million, which is truly remarkable for a non-jackpot prize.

And just like that, potentially winning millions became a lot easier.

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The first prize doesn’t have to be won to win the jackpot!

Want some more good news?

The EuroMillions’ unique rules state that a jackpot can only stay at the maximum amount for 5 consecutive draws. In the 5th draw at the cap, the money MUST be won.

If there are no first prize jackpot winners on the 5th draw…


This means that division 2 could take the whole prize out, and if there are no division 2 winners, which is not unusual, then division 3 gets the top prize.

That is an obscene amount of prize money for a ticket holder with a non-first division win.

Because the jackpot cap prize is so huge, even if it was to be shared amongst a few winners, each person would get to take home a massive amount. Even if there are 3 winners, that’s still around AUD$135 million, tax-free, each!

Jackpot cap has been increased to AUD$405 million!

As part of the EuroMillions rules, seeing as the previous the jackpot cap of AUD$394 million (€240 million) was reached, the cap has now been extended to AUD$405 million (€250 million). Outstanding!


How high can the EuroMillions go?

The EuroMillions has a maximum jackpot of AUD$394 million. Once this is won, it will be extended to AUD$410 million. When you buy a ticket in our European Millions lottery, we buy a matching ticket in an overseas EuroMillions draw. If there are any prizes on the EuroMillions ticket, we collect them, and we pay you the same amount that we collected.

When EuroMillions must be won

Once the EuroMillions reaches the jackpot cap, it can only stay there for 4 consecutive draws. If it's not won in the fifth draw at the cap, the jackpot prize is awarded to the next highest division that has at least 1 winner. This means it's possible that division 2 or even 3 could win the jackpot. Our European Millions lottery follows the same jackpot cap system.

Why is EuroMillions capped?

The EuroMillions jackpot cap allows for the next lower division with a winner to win the jackpot if it’s not won for 5 consecutive draws when the cap has been reached. Our matching European Millions lottery shares the same jackpot cap system.

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