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SuperEnalotto is here! Win from famously huge lottery

The current Italian Super Jackpot Jackpot is $118 Million!

The Lottery Office is proud to announce the addition of our newest lottery the Italian Super Jackpot, matching with Italy’s National SuperEnalotto!

The SuperEnalotto is loved by Italians and coveted by everyone else. People the world over, including our customers, are keen to grab tickets that can win from the huge prizes it offers.

We have been inundated by requests for a lottery matching with SuperEnalotto draws and we’ve listened!

We are pleased to offer Australians (apart from SA) and New Zealanders the opportunity to win from draws of this amazing lottery.

Now that it’s finally here, we give you the rundown on what makes this such a sought after game.

The largest European jackpot of all time

On the 10th of August 2019, a record holding prize was won, to the tune of AUD$330 million.

The Italian National SuperEnalotto has no jackpot cap, meaning its jackpots keep increasing until it’s won. This is what allowed such a monstrous win to be taken out by one lucky punter.

No other Euro lottery has ever reached these heights. Even the EuroMillions and our matching European Millions Lottery have a jackpot cap, standing at ‘only’ AUD$320 million. For those lotteries, when the cap is reached and not won for 5 draws, it’s paid out to lower divisions.

Not for SuperEna, though… it can only be won by jackpot winners, no matter how many draws it takes. And all the while, the SuperEnaLotto jackpot grows bigger and bigger with each draw.

Just take a look at the size of these wins. It’s mind blowing to think that 9 figure jackpots are just part and parcel of normal SuperEna first division prizes!

Officially, there is a reserve fund to make sure that the starting jackpot is a minimum of AUD$3 million. However this is merely a safety net, and the fluctuating starting jackpots tend to be huge. On August 17 2019, the draw immediately after the first prize was won, the starting jackpot was AUD$80 million!

For all prizes, we pay you the exact same amount that we collect from the National SuperEnalotto ticket in Italy.

Mamma mia, that’s a cheap lottery!

There’s a lot to like about the cost, too.

With tickets staring at only $4.75, the Italian Super Jackpot is our own Government licensed SuperEnlotto and it is our most inexpensive lottery. With a price this low, who wouldn’t want to have a crack?

For every ticket you buy in our Italian Super Jackpot lottery, we buy a matching ticket in an Italian National SuperEnalotto draw.

3 lotto draws a week

The SuperEnalotto is drawn each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, AEST (which is each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Italy).

Three chances to win each week gives you plenty of regular opportunities to win the matching jackpot from this much loved Italian lottery.

We also give you the choice to enter multiple draws, for those that would like to. You can enter up to 20 draws with a single ticket purchase. This is a much easier alternative to having to manually enter each draw.

So how does it work?

Once you’ve selected a draw or draws to enter, you need to choose which (hopefully!) winning numbers you’d like to play.

Choose 6 numbers from 1 to 90, or use a Quick Play if you’d like us to choose your random numbers for you.

There are 6 prize divisions, and each game has a 1 in 20 chance of winning a prize. The value of the prize categories can change with each draw, depending on the volume of tickets sold.

The jackpot increases with each draw when it’s not won. There’s no limit to how high it can go, which is why so many people want to play.

After the 6 main numbers are drawn, an additional number called the ‘jolly number’ is drawn. This uniquely named bonus ball is used to determine if there are any second prize winners.

Stop reading, start playing!

Those prizes aren’t going to win themselves, play our Italian Super Jackpot and see if you can become richer than Caeser!

Feel free to contact us and give us your ideas on what other exciting international lotteries you’d like the opportunity to match and win from.

Italian Super Jackpot Jackpot $118 Million

Here are the winning numbers from the most recent draw:

USA Mega

Italian Super Jackpot

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