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Lottery Numbers – How To Pick Yours

At The Lottery Office, we allow you to save your favourite numbers, so you can easily use them again and again to play international lottery.

Sometimes choosing your numbers can be a bit tricky.

If you’re running low on inspiration, we’ve rounded up 10 ways to pick your numbers. You can thank us when you win!

Use ‘Quick Plays’

Quick Plays are great for those in a hurry, or who don’t mind how their numbers are chosen. Simply choose how many Quick Plays you’d like and we generate random numbers for you. How easy is that?

Fortune cookies

Several people have had big lottery wins using numbers found in these delicious, crunchy treats. In fact, in one US Powerball draw, 110 people who took their numbers from fortune cookies brought home up to AUD$700,000 each. They’re not called fortune cookies for nothing!

Ask your Facebook friends

If you hit a big international lottery jackpot using numbers from your friends, maybe you could shout them a car each. This could be pocket change for you if you take out a European Millions, USA Mega Lotto or USA Power Lotto win.

Mash a calculator (or your phone’s keypad) with your hand

See what random numbers come up, and use them.


Birthday numbers have given some lucky people their big lottery win! Like the Canberra woman who took home AUD$1 million using family birth dates. Could it work for you, too?

Pull them out of a hat

The standard way to pick random numbers, since forever.

Use an egg

Balance the egg on a teaspoon. Run on the spot, counting how many steps you take. Each time you drop an egg, use your step count as a lottery number, and repeat until you have all of your numbers. If you win, you can just pay someone to clean up the mess!

Age of family and pets

If you’re brave enough to ask your grandma her age, this could be a good way to get the numbers you need to win!

Use a 10 sided die

‘Pentagonal trapezohedron’ may be tricky to say, but they’re an easy way to get your lottery numbers.

Use a stop watch

Start and stop it randomly, and use the milliseconds as lottery numbers.

Hopefully these tips get you that big international lottery win. Why not give them a try?

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