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Some of Our Big Lottery Winners of 2021

You hear the stories, right? A friend of a friend just won in an overseas lottery. Or it might be that your Mum’s friend’s uncle just hit the jackpot… but it’s quite rare to hear a first-hand story from someone winning big in an overseas lottery. Well, we’re here to put an end to that. Below we’ve listed clear as day some of our lottery winners of 2021 who agreed to let us tell their story.

Sydney Man Wins Over AUD$40,000 in the Italian Super Jackpot

You know it’s going to be a good day when you receive a phone call informing you that you’ve just won $41,466.99 in the Italian Super Jackpot! And that’s exactly what happened to a gentleman from Western Sydney in February of 2021.

Read about the Italian Super Jackpot winner.

NSW Woman Wins Almost AUD$50,000

In May 2021 a NSW woman received a call from The Lottery Office Customer Support team letting her know that she’d just won a massive $48,732.32 in the USA Power Lotto.

The winning ticket was purchased in our USA/Euro Combo, which allows players to enter our USA Power Lotto, USA Mega Lotto and European Millions draws all at the same time with only one purchase.

Read about the USA Power Lotto winner.

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Sydney Resident Wins Over AUD$1.65 Million

In May 2021 a division 2 prize in The Lottery Office’s USA Power Lotto was announced to a Sydney resident who became AUD$1.65 million richer overnight!

The winner made the very wise decision to play USA Power Lotto and accidentally selected the Multiplier option for the low price of only $3.45, which doubled their prize from what would have been just over AUD$820,000 to AUD$1.65 million. The Multiplier is available in both our USA Power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto and can multiply all non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times.

Read about the NSW USA Power Lotto winner here.

Victorian Player Won Big Taking Home AUD$41,689!

A happy customer of The Lottery Office brought home a third division win in our USA Power Lotto, worth an impressive $41,689 this past November 2021.

The Victorian player hit it big despite not being a regular lotto player. She signed up with The Lottery Office just over a month before she decided to take a chance and enter the November 4 USA Power Lotto draw.

Read about the Victorian USA Power Lotto winner.

We’d Love to Make Your Day!

We love calling our winners to let them know the good news!

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With The Lottery Office, you can play to win in the biggest lotteries in the world! When you play in one of our draws, we buy matching tickets in the corresponding draws conducted overseas. If you win, we pay you the same amount we collect from the overseas lottery.

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