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NSW WINNER: USA Power Lotto winner claims almost $50,000

The next USA Power Lotto draw jackpot on 27 June is worth an astonishing AUD$143 Million!

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A player with The Lottery Office recently got the shock of her life when she received a call from our Customer Support team to let her know she’d won $48,732 in our USA Power Lotto!

She’d not yet checked the results of the draw and was completely unaware that she was almost AUD$50,000 richer from the May 6th draw.

The NSW woman, who opted to not have her name published, was delighted with the division 3 win. She said she was the victim of a scam recently, so the win was very timely for her.

After not having much success with betting and with other lottery companies, she decided to try The Lottery Office. This was obviously a smart move for her, as she managed to collect this impressive win after playing with us for just a few months.

She will be putting the money towards a trip to Hamilton Island and a cruise from South America to Antarctica. She’ll be splitting the winning with her aunt, so they’ll be able to share in the spoils of the win together.

The winning ticket was purchased in our USA/Euro Combo, which allows players to enter our USA Power Lotto, USA Mega Lotto and European Millions draws all at the same time with only one purchase.

She was also just one number away from taking home the USA Power Lotto jackpot prize which was worth over an astonishing AUD$180 million. Maybe next time she’ll be able to claim the major prize!

We love helping people realise their dreams. Play at The Lottery Office and maybe you’ll be the one to claim a huge jackpot prize in our USA Power Lotto or one of our other popular lottery games.

For every ticket you buy in our government licensed USA Power Lotto, we buy a matching ticket in a US Powerball draw overseas, with the same lottery numbers. If the US Powerball ticket wins a prize, we collect the prize ourselves and pay you the same amount that we collect.

All winners at The Lottery Office have the right to remain anonymous.

Read about how close the winner came to winning over AUD$180 million.

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