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Eurojackpot; win from our newest matched Euro lottery

Since 2012, the Eurojackpot has thrilled Europe with its sizeable jackpots and favourable chances of winning compared with other major international lotteries.

It’s often compared with the EuroMillions lottery, and although the starting or maximum jackpots aren’t as large, it’s easier to win, cheaper to play and still offers great prizes over 12 divisions.

With a starting jackpot of AUD$15 million and a jackpot cap of AUD$175 million (€120 million), it still puts up some very impressive numbers!

The Lottery Office is thrilled to announce that we can now offer customers our own European Jackpot that is matched with this very popular European lottery.


The EuroMillions lottery proved extremely successful. However, it was only available in a select group of European countries.

Its immense popularity made it obvious that European countries where EuroMillions wasn’t sold could benefit from their own lottery. And the Eurojackpot was born! The first draw was in March 2012.

Several more countries have since been added, and today it’s now sold in 18 countries, as opposed to 9 for the EuroMillions.

Did you know: Spain is the only country in which both the Eurojackpot and EuroMillions are sold!

Prizes, and lots of them

Our European Jackpot Lottery is matched with Eurojackpot and we buy a matching ticket in Eurojackpot for every one that you buy in our own lottery. You therefore receive the exact same prize value that we collect for the matching ticket that we buy! Our lottery incorporates the same rules as Eurojackpot and our draw takes place in Darwin when the lottery system identifies the winning tickets after the winning numbers have been entered.

Due to the fact that there are so many countries participating in the Eurojackpot lotto, it’s able to offer jackpots larger than those found in a traditional national lottery.

As a result you’ll find that you don’t have to win first prize to walk away happy. It’s quite normal to see second division prizes well in excess of AUD$2 million. Even the third division is regularly worth well over AUD$300,000!

Another great feature is the jackpot cap. When the jackpot amount reaches its AUD$140 million limit, any excess prize money above this amount rolls down to the next division with a winner. This means an already very impressive division 2 or 3 win could be worth substantially more. It’s not only jackpots that can make people multi millionaires!

There are 12 prize divisions all up, bringing hundreds of thousands of cash prizes each draw.

Thousands of players each week are checking their Eurojackpot results to see if they’re the next to win big.

Did you know: Even though there is was a jackpot cap of AUD$140 million, a syndicate of 50 players took home more than the cap amount, by a hefty AUD$3 million! This is because they also won several other smaller prizes, taking their grand total to AUD$143 million. The jackpot cap has since been increased, and now stands at an impressive AUD$175 million.

How do I play?

You must select five numbers from 1 to 50 and two Euro numbers from 1 to 12 in our European Jackpot.

If you are having problems coming up with your numbers, we have some great tips to help you on your way. You can even have us select your numbers for you at random.

The Eurojackpot is drawn each Tuesday and Friday night in Helsinki, which is each Wednesday and Saturday for us here in Australia and New Zealand.

Don’t forget, for each ticket you buy in our own government licensed European Jackpot lottery, we buy a matching ticket in the corresponding Eurojackpot draw.

How do I win from the Eurojackpot?

To win a prize from a Eurojackpot lottery draw you need to match 2 main numbers and 1 euro number with the numbers drawn. Easy!

The more numbers you match, the bigger your prize. Match the 5 main numbers and win division 3. Match all 7 winning numbers and win the jackpot.

The single most effective way to boost your odds of winning a prize is to play more games. The more games you enter, the more your chances improve.

There are a few different ways to go about this. You could play several games into 1 single European Jackpot draw, or you could play your numbers over several draws.

Another option is to buy a combo entry, which also gives you the chances to win from our other lotteries at the same time.

Winner waits 3 months to claim AUD$140 million

A Finnish jackpot winner waited for 3 months to come forward, after prompting speculation that the win would never be claimed.

Smart, very smart! Taking your time to stop and plan is a must after winning such vast wealth.

They were also able to remain anonymous, and all winners with The Lottery Office can do the same.

Eurojackpot stats




Is Eurojackpot the same as EuroMillions?

No, they are separate lotteries and are sold in different European countries (except for Spain, which sells both). Each has its own characteristics and lottery rules that make it unique. They are both immensely popular and people love them for different reasons. For example, the Eurojackpot has higher chances of winning but the EuroMillions has superdraws which instantly boost the jackpot to a minimum of AUD$200 million.

Who can play Eurojackpot?

Playing with The Lottery Office allows Aussies to win from the draws of the Eurojackpot. Buying a ticket in our European Jackpot lottery guarantees that we buy a matching ticket in a Eurojackpot draw, and if that ticket wins, we collect the prize. We pay you the same amount that we collect from the Eurojackpot draw. Normally the Eurojackpot is available to players from selected European countries but The Lottery Office allows you to win from the draws of this very popular lottery.

How Eurojackpot works

Pick 5 numbers from a pool of 1-50 and and extra 2 Euro numbers from a pool of 1-12. To win a prize, the numbers you selected must match some of the drawn winning numbers. For example, to win division 11, you must select 1 winning main number and both winning Euro numbers. There are 12 prize divisions, so there are plenty of ways to win a prize.

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