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Why Complaints About Accessing Overseas Lotteries Are Nonsense

At The Lottery Office, we see that people have a lot of gripes over access to overseas lotteries. Fortunately these are based on fake news!

Our customers deserve to know the truth, so read on to find out the real story!

I can’t legally access overseas lotteries from Australia

Are you over 18? Do you live in Australia or New Zealand? Did you answer ‘yes’ both times? Then you can definitely win from monstrous US Powerball, US Mega Millions or EuroMillions draws!

When you buy a ticket in one of our licensed lotteries, we buy a matching ticket in an international lottery draw. We then pass the same value of winnings onto you. This guarantees that you’ll receive the all the winnings that you’re entitled to!

It’s too hard to collect my overseas lottery winnings

We agree! The trauma of collecting overseas lottery winnings is just too much trouble. We take the hassle out of getting your winnings safe and sound into your account. We do the work so you don’t have to.

I’ll have to pay Australian taxes on my winnings

One of the advantages we enjoy in Australia and New Zealand is that we don’t pay any local taxes on lottery winnings. Some of our lotteries are subject to taxes in their respective countries, but you won’t get slugged by the aussie (or kiwi) taxman.

I’ll have to go public if I win big. Everyone will know who I am!

We promise to keep your identity a secret if you take home a big win. You’ll be left alone to worry about all the other issues that come with a huge windfall. Like which airline has the best first class! That money won’t spend itself, you don’t want to waste time trying to hide from the media!

Aussies don’t benefit from overseas lotteries

The Lottery Office Community and Charitable Benefits Fund was created to make sure that Australians gain from international lotteries. Our donations help share the wealth through the community. We recently sponsored a puppy, Demi, through Guide Dogs Victoria. She’ll go on to help a vision impaired person live an independent life.

As you can see, almost anyone can access international lottery, hassle free. Give it a go, you just might be responsible for bringing millions of dollars to our shores!

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