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5 Fun Facts About Irish Lotto

When you play lottery with The Lottery Office you can play to win from the draws of the most popular lotteries in Europe. And one of our favourite lotteries has to be Irish National Lotto. 

While it may be one of the lesser-known international lotteries, the jackpots will have you dancing around like a leprechaun! With an impressive minimum jackpot and good odds, this lottery is making friends all over the world. 

It has a strong following in the lottery industry, and now you can play to win from the draws from the comfort of your own home. 

Want to know more about Irish National Lotto?

Here are 5 fun facts! 

1. You can play Irish Lotto in Australia

The difficulties you’ve heard about accessing overseas lotteries are nonsense. Playing to win from the draws of international lotteries from Australia is safe and totally legit.

When you purchase a ticket in our Irish Lotto draw here in Australia, we’ll buy a matching ticket in the Irish National Lottery’s Lotto in Ireland.

It’s as easy as that. 

There are no gimmicks. The Lottery Office is Australian owned and operated. We are also licensed by the Northern Territory Government and live audited.

2. Want simple? You got it! 

Irish Lotto is one of the easiest lotteries to play, so if you like your life uncomplicated, this is the lottery for you. 

To play simply choose 6 numbers from a total of 47, it’s as easy as that! There are no lucky numbers or special powerballs, choose 6 numbers and you’re done. 

To play Irish Lotto you’ll need to sign up for an account with The Lottery Office, which is easy. Fill out your personal details, confirm you’re over 18 years old, accept the T & Cs and privacy policy and you’re ready to play. 

Irish Lotto is drawn twice a week and you can win from 7 different divisions. To win Division 7 all you need is 3 matching numbers!

It’s really that easy. 

One game of Irish Lotto will only cost you $8.45. If all 6 of your numbers match the numbers in that draw you’ll win a minimum of AUD$3 million. 

3. Charity wins with Irish Lotto

Since it began more than 30 years ago, Ireland’s National Lottery’s Lotto has been contributing to good causes, donating to thousands of projects, clubs and community organisations. To date, the Irish National Lottery has raised more than (the equivalent to) AUD$8 billion for charity. 

Not only that, when you purchase a ticket in The Lottery Office’s Irish Lotto, a percentage of the cost of every ticket sold goes to support different charities and community organisations throughout Australia through our Charitable and Community Benefits Fund.

4. The biggest jackpot ever won

Everyone loves to hear about big jackpot winners! 

The biggest Irish National Lottery’s Lotto winner was a syndicate and they won almost AUD$30 million together. The lives of these 16 quarry workers were literally transformed overnight! 

With a minimum division 1 jackpot of AUD$3 million, why wouldn’t you play Irish Lotto? 

5. Irish Lotto winners go incognito

Not everyone wants to share the news of a big lottery win with the world. If you win Irish Lotto there’s no need to announce it to the local paper! If you purchase an Irish Lotto ticket from The Lottery Office and win, you can remain anonymous.

We’ll keep your personal details confidential and you can celebrate your win with your nearest and dearest. 

There’s no reason to wait for St Patrick’s day to celebrate Ireland! PLAY to win from the draws of the Irish National Lottery’s Lotto today and try your luck at this popular European lottery. 

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