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Real Tickets & No Commissions

We buy matching tickets in overseas lotteries with the same numbers you pick online with us. Be safe in the knowledge that when your ticket wins we will pay you exactly the same amount of money that we collect from our matching ticket.

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A better way to play

When you purchase a ticket in a lottery conducted by The Lottery Office, we will purchase a matching ticket in the relevant overseas lottery. This ensures that we can offer the biggest jackpots in the world and are guaranteed to be able to pay out any price.

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Australian Owned & Operated

We won’t disappear overnight – we are fully Australian owned and operated and have been licensed by the Northern Territory Government for over 16 years.

Internet Licence Number: IGL1001

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Lottery Betting a bad bet.

The Federal government united against lottery betting and it was banned on January 9th 2019.

Lottery betting companies allowed players to place a bet on the outcome of a lottery, and then they rely on an insurance policy to be able to pay large advertised winnings if any of their customers do select all of the winning numbers.

We operate our own Government approved, licensed and regulated lotteries. We purchase real matching tickets, in major regulated foreign lotteries which guarantees our capacity to pay the exact same amount of winnings.


Every Ticket Counts

The Lottery Office is dedicated to helping Australians


A percentage of each ticket sold is donated to Australian charities


Australians have been employed since 2003


has been injected into the Australian economy