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Winning Lotto Numbers: How to Increase Your Chances of NOT Picking Them

There are already tonnes of articles about how to boost your chances of picking lotto numbers that win (spoiler alert: none of them can tell you exactly how to pick them!)

Instead of treading a well-worn path, we’re going to give you some strategies to maximise your chances of not picking those few numbers that could change your life. The goal is to avoid these mistakes so that those magic numbers may be a small step closer.

Repeat Your Lotto Numbers In a Draw

It’s not uncommon for players to enter the same lotto numbers for more than one entry in the same draw. The general idea is that if those numbers win a prize, you’ll have multiple entries with those winning numbers, so you could qualify for the same prize several times. This is partially true, however there are a few caveats.

If you win the jackpot prize with your numbers in multiple entries, you’d be sharing the prize with yourself. For example, let’s say your repeated numbers won the jackpot in a $500 million USA Power Lotto draw. If there were no other winners, the prize would go entirely to you, but it would be split in two, with half the prize going to each of your own winning entries. Obviously, this is pointless, and if you had only one entry with the winning numbers you’d still get to take the entire prize for yourself. However, if there is also another jackpot winner in the draw, it could work to your advantage; you’d get two-thirds of the prize and the other party would get one third.

If you win a minor prize, it could be beneficial, as you could win it more than once.

However, by choosing the same lotto numbers more than once in a draw, you reduce your overall chances of winning, as each unique set of numbers is another chance to score the jackpot or even a minor prize.

Don’t Use the Multi-Draw Feature

If you want to reduce the general likelihood of winning, make sure you don’t use our Multi-Draws option!

Multi-Draws allow you to enter up to 20 draws in advance, making sure that you don’t forget to enter your numbers into upcoming draws. You can’t win in draws you forget to enter, and this feature makes sure that forgetting is not going to be a problem. Once you’ve entered using the Multi-Draw option, you can relax knowing your chances of winning are locked in for as many draws as you chose. The more draws you enter the more chances you have of winning a prize.

When choosing your numbers, simply select how many draws you wish to enter, on desktop:

Add multi draws on web

Or on the free Lottery Office app:

Add multi draws on app

Don’t Enter a Lotto Syndicate

By not entering a Lotto Syndicate, you’re definitely maximizing your chances of not picking the winning lotto numbers! Lotto Syndicates enable players to combine their ticket costs with other players, allowing the Syndicate to purchase tickets in bulk, reducing the overall cost of entries. This is because the cost is shared amongst all syndicate members. By owning a share in more entries, the chances of winning are greatly increased compared with spending the same amount of money of your own tickets.

Our syndicate offerings are always changing, so make sure to regularly check out our Lotto Syndicates page to see if there are any that tickle your fancy. For example, on occasion we have a USA Power Lotto syndicate for $15 a share in a total of 50 games. If you were to buy 50 games by yourself, it would cost $350.

USA Power Lotto syndicate

Syndicate prizes are split amongst members, with each share purchased getting an equal slice of the prize. Players can buy multiple shares to boost any prize money received in the event of a win.

Don’t Play At All

It’s a fact; you fail to win 100% of the draws you don’t enter! By failing to enter any lotto numbers into a draw, you guarantee you that you won’t win.

Everyone that became a lotto winner did so by taking that chance on at least 1 ticket.

And there you have it. Employ these steps if you want to give yourself the best chance of not picking those coveted lotto numbers!

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