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Queenslander wins record $897,827 USA Power Lotto prize

The next USA Power Lotto draw jackpot on 21 May is worth an astonishing AUD$131 Million!

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A lucky Gold Coaster who joined The Lottery Office just 3 days earlier has won a Division 2 prize in the massive USA Power Lotto!

Playing for a mind-bending AUD$1 billion in the February 5 draw, his tier 2 USA Power Lotto prize won him AUD$897,000. It is the largest prize collected from the draw of an overseas jackpot to-date by a Queenslander.

The oblivious teacher was preparing for a day’s work, when he was called by The Lottery Office to inform him of his prize. He was ecstatic to learn that he’ll be able to pay off his mortgage, take a holiday and afford an expensive operation.

He was just one number short of the $1 billion prize, after not managing to pick the Power Number.

The numbers selected by the division 2 winner were:

The winning jackpot numbers were:

Had the winner opted to play our Guaranteed Power Number lotto system he may well have claimed the major prize. The Guaranteed Power Number is a great way to ensure you pick the all-important Power Number.

USA Power Lotto and the US Powerball

The USA Power Lotto is a lottery that lets Australians play to win from the draws of the famous US Powerball, which holds the world-record for the largest ever lottery jackpot. The record, set in November 2022, saw one person win an astonishing AUD$2.9 billion!

When players buy a ticket in the USA Power Lotto, The Lottery Office purchases a matching ticket in a US Powerball draw overseas, using the same lotto numbers. If the Powerball tickets wins a prize, we collect it from the relevant state lottery authority in the USA and pay the winner the same amount that was collected. This model gives players a shot at prizes that are unheard of for a lot of Australian lottery players.

Even lower division prizes in the USA Power Lotto can be huge, especially with the optional Multiplier feature, which can multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times!

Players at The Lottery Office can play up to three USA Power Lotto draws each week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays AEST.

With jackpots over hundreds of millions regularly available to play for, we’re proud to give Australians the chance to win from the draws of famous overseas lottery draws, such as the US Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto and Euromillions.

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