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QLD WINNER: USA Power Lotto player bags 26 wins in one draw worth $52,473

The next USA Power Lotto draw jackpot on 21 May is worth an astonishing AUD$131 Million!

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One player grabbed a bucketload of USA Power Lotto prizes totalling over $52,000 in the 8 October draw.

With 26 wins in the one draw, many people are scratching their heads wondering how he did it. Not only did he win them all in the same draw, but he won them by buying just one entry!

How did he do it?

He played a Guaranteed Power lotto system game. These lock in the all-important Power Number for the game, which is needed to win the jackpot prize, as well as 5 of the other 9 available prize divisions.

Buying a Guaranteed Power system game is the equivalent of buying 26 standard games, and this brought them 1 division 3 win ($48,557) AND 25 division 4 wins ($3,916)!

And as you can see below, they missed out on the largest EVER online lotto prize by a single number; they’d selected “45” and the winning number they missed out on was “54”!

Their division 3 prize was won with the numbers:

The winning numbers for the draw were:

Nobody won the jackpot prize and the subsequent draw’s 1st prize reached $2.4 billion.

The USA Power Lotto has a minimum jackpot of $30 million. With 3 draws each week, there a plenty of chances to play. Each time the jackpot isn’t won, it rolls over and increasing in the following draw.

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