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NSW WINNER: Player bags 26 prizes in the USA Power Lotto for almost $50,000

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Despite only just missing out on a record-breaking $1.3 billion prize, a Sydney man was thrilled to take home almost $50,000 in the 18 July USA Power Lotto draw.

Amazingly, he won the prize on his first ever time playing with The Lottery Office, after playing lotto elsewhere for years, with very little result.

As a recent father, he was grateful for the money so he could buy a new family vehicle to safely transport his wife, young children and 2 dogs.

He purchased a Guaranteed Power lotto system entry which ensures that the all-important Power Number is locked in. In fact, you don’t even need to select a Power Number. This option is the equivalent of purchasing 26 individual standard games. As a result, not only did he win the division 4 prize 25 times (for a total of $3667.75), he also won division 3, worth $45,386. In total he took home $49,053 after the deduction of relevant US taxes.

He fell painfully short of the all-time Australian and online lottery record prize, missing out by just one main number.

The drawn winning numbers were:

The 3rd division winner’s selected numbers were:

Unfortunately he didn’t purchase the USA Power Lotto Multiplier option, which would have quadrupled his winnings to almost $200,000! Available from $3.45 per standard game, the multiplier is an optional feature designed to increase the size of non-jackpot wins. It has the ability to boost these prizes up to 10 times, for draws where the jackpot is worth USD$150 million or less, and up to 5 times for draws where the jackpot is worth over USD$150 million. The 4x Multiplier was in play for this draw.

When players at The lottery Office purchase tickets into the government-licensed USA Power Lotto, we then purchase tickets into a Powerball draw in the USA, using the same lottery numbers. If the overseas Powerball tickets win any prizes, we collect the prizes ourselves, and then we pay the same amount of money collected to the winner.

Play the USA Power lotto and get the opportunity to win from the draws of the US Powerball and its massive world-record jackpots!

See us on Sunrise talking about our massive USA Power Lotto jackpot!

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