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Why You Need To Make The Switch To International Lotteries

It’s no secret that playing the lottery can be a fun and exciting way to try and win big. However, do you know about the significant advantages of playing international lotteries instead of local traditional Australian lotteries?

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should make the switch to international lotteries.


One of the biggest reasons is that international lotteries often have much bigger jackpots.

Sure, we have some big lottery jackpots in our longstanding traditional Australia lotteries, but there’s no comparison with international lottery jackpots.

The biggest ever US Mega Millions win was a mind-blowing AUD$2.1 billion! When it comes to European lotteries, EuroMillions is a big payer, with the biggest jackpot winner walking away with AUD$340 million. With prize money like this on offer from our matching lottery tickets, why wouldn’t you want a chance to win?


If you play our USA Power Lotto or USA Mega Lotto and choose your numbers, you can select the ‘multiplier’ option and win more. It works differently for each lottery, but the multiplier option gives you the chance to win up to 10 times more.

EuroMillions Super Draws are held randomly throughout the year and give you the chance to win more. A Superdraw is like a regular draw, but the jackpots are even bigger. We never know when a Superdraw is coming, but you can be sure we will let you know when it’s here.


Many international lotteries tend to have jackpots that are won quite frequently. They typically have more frequent weekly drawings than traditional Australian lotteries.

For example, the US Powerball lottery has three drawings per week, while the Australian Powerball has one drawing per week. This means there are three times as many opportunities for players to win from the draws of the US Powerball lottery each week.

Players at The Lottery Office who buy tickets in one of our thrice-weekly USA Power Lotto draws have an opportunity to win from the draws of the US Powerball. For each USA Power lotto ticket we sell, we buy a matching ticket in a US Powerball draw, and if that ticket wins a prize, we collect it. Then, we pay the same amount in prizemoney that we collected to you.

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Thanks to The Lottery Office, all you need to access the jackpot values of some of the biggest lotteries in the world is an internet connection. Simply create an account and start playing for your chance to win!

However, if by chance you would prefer to keep your financial information to yourself, The Lottery Office now has a Pay In Store option that allows you to add money to your account by visiting participating newsagents. Find your closest Pay In-Store retailer here.


Our International lotteries are very easy to play. It’s just like playing the more traditional lottery here in Australia, except you choose your numbers online. Simply pick your numbers, pay for your ticket, and you’re in with a chance to win big.

When you purchase a ticket in one of The Lottery Office lotteries, we buy a matching ticket in the overseas lottery using the same numbers. Afterwards, they will issue you with your ticket, and you’re in our draw to win.


The Lottery Office is a Registered Australian company, licensed by the Northern Territory Government and fully audited annually, as well as ongoing live audits to make sure we purchase the matching tickets and pay our winners all their entitlements.

You can be confident playing the lottery with The Lottery Office knowing our operational procedures meet all regulatory requirements, and we pay out the entire value of the amount we collect to all our winners.


Another advantage of playing international lotteries from Australia with The Lottery Office is that you can remain anonymous if you win.


When you play international lotteries with The Lottery Office, we donate a portion of every ticket purchase to charity. So, not only do you have the chance to win big, but you’re also making a positive difference in the community. This year alone (2022), we have contributed more than AUD$75,000 to Australian charities. Charities include supporting the Children’s Hospital Foundation, Volunteers For Palliative Care, So Brave Fund My Challenge, and many more.

At The Lottery Office, we offer a wide selection of international lotteries for our players. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to win, and our international lotteries are a great way to give yourself the best chance at doing just that!

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