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Where to Buy Tickets to Win from American lottery in Australia

Why do Australians dream of winning an American lottery jackpot?

Because let’s face it, American lottery jackpots are huge compared to Australian lottery jackpots, with winners walking away with millions, sometimes billions of dollars!

The US Mega Millions lottery reached a record jackpot of AUD$2.2 billion, never seen here in Australia. Both US lotteries, US Powerball, and US Mega Millions have starting jackpots of AUD$50 million. 

Where can Australians buy tickets to win from American lottery?

If you live outside America it is against the rules to buy a ticket and collect prizes directly, however, Australians are still able to play to win from the draws of America’s biggest lotteries. When you buy a ticket in The Lottery Office’s USA Power Lotto or USA Mega Lotto, we buy a matching ticket in the corresponding draw in America. The ticket stays in the USA and we collect the prize locally and pay the exact same amount of prize money to your account.

How can you play to win from the draws of American lottery with The Lottery Office?

When you play lottery with The Lottery Office the results aren’t based on financial markets. We buy a matching ticket in the corresponding American lottery and if you win, we pay the exact prize money to your account. We don’t take any commission and we don’t charge any fees. 

The tickets you buy here in Australia are real tickets in a government-approved lottery. 

It’s easy to play lotto with The Lottery Office

Visit our website to find out how it works or follow these 3 simple steps to play to win from the draws of US Powerball, US Mega Millions, or both! 

  • Sign up for an account with The Lottery Office. It’s easy! The only prerequisites are that you are an Australian or New Zealand resident and you’re over 18 years old.  Signing up for an account is a simple process. Sign up with your Google account, Facebook, or with an email address. Share a few simple details and agree to our Privacy Policy and Ts & Cs. Remember to verify your identity at the end of the process.
  • Find the lottery you’d like to play and buy your ticket. If you want a chance to win from the draws of US Powerball or US Mega Millions, select our corresponding USA Power Lotto or USA Mega Lotto draws. Choose your numbers or save time and let the numbers be chosen at random for you buy clicking Quick Play. Don’t forget the Multiplier Option. A few extra dollars will take your non-jackpot win to the next level, with the chance of multiplying it by up to 10 times. If you’re time-poor, try our ‘set and forget’ Multi-Draw option that allows you to purchase up to 20 consecutive draws at one time. Multi-Draw is only available if you select your own numbers.
  • You will see your purchase in your account and finalize your transaction you can pay securely. You can pay by debit or credit card, Bpay, paysafecard or PayID. To confirm your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email. 

Can’t choose between USA Power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto?

Purchase a USA Combo to purchase one ticket in both our American lotteries!

Download The Lottery Office app from Google Play or the App Store.

Connect with The Lottery Office via our NEW app! 

With The Lottery Office App, you can:

  • Get updates on big draws
  • Save your favourite numbers
  • Access your account to see past draws, tickets, winnings
  • Check the latest results 
  • Check your current balance. 

Is it safe to play lottery with The Lottery Office?

Yes. It’s safe to play online lottery with The Lottery Office.

We are licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government. All procedures and our financials are audited as required. Your details are safe too!

Your protection and privacy is important to us.

We go above and beyond to implement strict security procedures to keep your personal information safe. When you connect with The Lottery Office website it’s secured by 256-bit encryption technology. 

Find out everything you need to know about playing to win from the draws of US Powerball and US Mega Millions online via The Lottery Office website.

Play USA Power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto today for your chance to win from the draws of America’s most popular lotteries.

PLAY NOW for a chance to win! 


Is it legal for Australians to win from draws of the huge American lotteries?

With The Lottery Office, yes. When you enter our USA Mega Lotto or USA Power Lotto draws, we buy a matching ticket in the US Mega Millions and US Powerball through our trusted agents in the USA. If there are any winnings, we pay you the same amount as the prizes collected in the USA draws, less any applicable US taxes.

Do I have to go to the USA to collect my prize?

No! We collect all prizes ourselves and pay you exactly the same amount. You don't even have to leave your house.

Most Americans reveal their identity when they win. Do I have to?

No, you can stay anonymous. Winners with The Lottery Office aren't bound by the same rules as people living in the USA, where in most jurisdictions lottery winners are obligated to reveal their identities.

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