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10 Things You Should Know About International Lotteries

What do you know about International lottery?

Australians can now win from draws of lottery across the globe, from US Powerball to US Mega Millions, Irish National Lottery or EuroMillions! You can play them all!

With international lottery growing in popularity and more and more people playing for the big jackpots, how much do you really know about international lottery and how it works? Do you know everything there is to know?

Here are some international lottery facts we think you should understand.

You can win international lottery from Australia

That’s right, you don’t have to fly to Ireland to play Irish National Lottery or take a cruise to America to play US Powerball. You can play our matched international lottery from the comfort of your living room, all you need is an internet connection!

It’s easy to play international lottery

International lotteries are very easy to play. It’s just like playing lottery here in Australia except you choose your numbers online. Simply pick your numbers, pay for your ticket and you’re in with a chance to win big.

When you purchase a ticket in our lottery, we purchase a matching ticket in the overseas lottery using the same numbers. We issue you with your own ticket from us and you’re in our draw to win.

Playing international lottery is safe

Some people wonder if playing international lottery online is safe. We can assure you that when you play with the Lottery Office you are very safe. We are licensed by the Northern Territory Government and fully audited annually as well as ongoing live audits to make sure we do purchase the matching tickets and pay our winners all their entitlements.

You can be confident playing lottery with the lottery office knowing our operational procedures are meeting all regulatory requirements and we are paying out the entire amount we collect to all our winners.

Not all lottery offices are based overseas

The Lottery Office is Australian owned and operated. We are based in Australia which means all customer service calls are handled right here in our great southern land! You can email us anytime at

International lottery jackpots are huge

Sure, we have some big lottery jackpots right here in our longstanding Australia lotteries, but there’s really no comparison with international lottery jackpots.

The biggest ever US Mega Millions win was a mind-blowing AUD$2.1 billion!  When it comes to European lotteries, EuroMillions is a big payer with the biggest jackpot winner walking away with AUD$295 million. With prize money like this on offer from our matching lottery tickets why wouldn’t you want a chance to win!

You could win more

If you play our USA Power Lotto or USA Mega Lotto and choose your own numbers, you can select the ‘multiplier’ option and win more. It works differently for each lottery, but the multiplier option gives you the chance to win up to 10 times more.

EuroMillions superdraws are held randomly throughout the year and give you the chance to win more. A superdraw is just like a regular draw, but the jackpots are even bigger. We never know when a Superdraw is coming, but you can be sure we will let you know when it’s here.   

You can remain anonymous if you win

We want you to enjoy your international lottery win in privacy, so there’s no need to announce the win to the world. If you win lottery with the Lottery Office you have the right to remain anonymous.

The Lottery Office supports charity

We don’t only give away money to lottery winners, at the Lottery Office we love depositing a percentage of our purchase cost donating to a fund for charities. That percentage of every transaction is automatically transferred into the Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund, then donated to charities and community groups in the states where we have players. Buying a ticket from the Lottery Office is a win for charity and hopefully you’ll have a win too!

We pay you the same amount as you win

If you win we will transfer the exact amount we collect from the matching ticket to your account. We don’t take any fees or commissions. What you win you get!

There’s no Australian tax on lottery wins

If you win international lottery you won’t pay any Australian taxes on your winnings, however some overseas lotteries have taxes payable within those countries.  

If you have any more questions about international lottery head over to our FAQs page, or if you have all the information you need go ahead and PLAY NOW!  

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