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What Happens When the Eurojackpot Reaches €120 Million?

The Eurojackpot is one of the most thrilling lotteries in the world, captivating millions of people worldwide. As the jackpot amount escalates, so does the excitement surrounding the draw.

So, let’s explore the phenomenon that occurs when the Eurojackpot reaches an impressive €120 million (approximately AUD$190 million), delving funds diverted into second and third-tier prize pools, game strategies and more.

Understanding the Eurojackpot

The Eurojackpot is a transnational lottery played across multiple European countries. It was created to provide an exciting alternative to other major lotteries and offer players the chance to win substantial prizes. Spain is the only country that sells tickets into the two large transnational lotteries; the Eurojackpot and the EuroMillions.

How To Play The Eurojackpot

The game follows a straightforward format: players select five main numbers from a pool of 1 to 50 and two additional “Euro numbers” from a pool of 1 to 12. To win the 1st division jackpot, players must match all seven numbers drawn.

What is the Eurojackpot Cap and what are advantages?

The Eurojackpot has a jackpot cap, which is a limit on how large the jackpot can grow. When the jackpot reaches €120 million ($AUD190 million), it stays there until it’s won. This significant milestone represents an enormous prize pool that can change lucky winners’ lives forever.

When the Eurojackpot cap is in place for a draw, all additional funds generated from ticket sales that would normally go to the jackpot prize are instead diverted into the second-tier prize. The end result is that the second division prize can easily be worth over AUD$20 million! And, of course, this prize, statistically, is much easier to win than the jackpot prize.

The jackpot cap is a great mechanism to make it far more likely to win huge amounts!

Simply put: The Eurojackpot’s superpower is that it can create multi-millionaires without a first-prize jackpot win!

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The Power of a Huge Jackpot

Since 2012, Eurojackpot wins have fuelled the dreams of countless Europeans hopefuls. It provides a gateway to a world of possibilities, allowing winners to fulfil their wildest dreams. From luxurious mansions to exotic vacations and philanthropic endeavours to business ventures, the sheer magnitude of the prize inspires winners to dream big and envision a future filled with abundance.

The Lottery Office now gives Australians and New Zealanders the chance to play to win from the draws of this much-loved Euro lottery, with the European Jackpot!

Just buy a ticket in our Northern Territory government-licensed European Jackpot lottery, and we’ll then buy a ticket in a Eurojackpot draw in Europe, using the same numbers that you selected.

If the overseas ticket wins any prizes, we collect them and then pay you the same amount that we collected. We withhold no fees or commissions on winnings. All European Jackpot wins are tax-free in both the European country in which we purchase them and in Australia.

How To Play The European Jackpot in Australia

 Playing to win from the draws of Eurojackpot is easy as 1, 2, 3 when you play the European Jackpot with The Lottery Office!

  1. Create an account with The Lottery Office
  2. Choose the European Jackpot lottery and select how many games you’d like to play
  3. Choose your numbers, purchase your ticket, and you’re now in the draw to win!

New to The Lottery Office? Find out how it works and how to win from the draws of some of the biggest lotteries in the world without leaving your home!

Strategies and Tips for Playing the European Jackpot

Here are a few tips to consider when playing the European Jackpot:

  1. Join a syndicate: Increase your chances by pooling resources with other players.
  2. Play regularly: Each entry is another chance to win
  3. Play responsibly: Set a budget, don’t spend more than you can afford, and remember that lottery is ultimately a game of chance

Playing Responsibly and Setting Expectations

While the allure of a massive jackpot is enticing, it is crucial to approach playing the lottery responsibly. The European Jackpot is a form of entertainment, and players should set realistic expectations. It’s essential to stay within your means, avoid chasing losses, and prioritise responsible play.

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