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What Does US Powerball Have That Other Lotteries Don’t?

The US Powerball lottery is a juggernaut when it comes to jackpots. With a minimum Powerball prize of $USD25 million, it’s no wonder that players worldwide are so keen to buy tickets.


The US Powerball is so popular because it offers players the chance to win life-changing sums of money. The minimum jackpot is a staggering AUD$30 million, often exceeding hundreds of millions, and sometimes even billions.


One key contributor that sets the US Powerball apart from other lotteries is the Power Play Feature. For an additional fee per play, the Power Play® feature can multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 times.

Before each drawing, the multiplier number is selected at random.

The 10x multiplier is not always available; when the advertised jackpot prize is over USD$150 million, only the 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x multipliers will be in play.

Regardless of the multiplier number selected, the match 5 prize will always be USD$2 million when purchasing the Power Play option.

Being a Powerball Lottery, the US Powerball also has the addition of a Powerball number. The Powerball is drawn from a separate barrel of numbers to the main game and gives you an extra chance to win big!


US Powerball players select five numbers from a pool of 1 to 69. They must also choose one number from a pool of 1 to 26, being the Powerball number.

Players can select their own numbers or choose ‘Quick Play’ to have numbers randomly chosen.


US Powerball Jackpots start at AUD$25 million and grow from there until won! Players win a prize by matching one of the nine ways to win, as seen below:

Powerball prizes

All prizes in the table above are quoted in USD

All US Powerball prizes are set cash amounts, except the Grand Prize.


US Powerball still holds the record for the biggest prize in the world!

The biggest lottery jackpot was won in 2023, with the winner claiming more than AUD$2.9 billion! Imagine what you could do with that amount of money!

US Powerball is played in 44 states of the USA. It’s also played in Puerto Rico, Washington DC, and the US Virgin Islands.

How Can Aussies Play US Powerball?

The Lottery Office now offers Australian and New Zealand residents the opportunity to participate in our own USA Power Lotto and be in the mix to win huge prizes sought after by people worldwide.

When our players play our Government Licensed USA Power Lotto, we buy a matching ticket in a US Powerball draw, with the same lotto numbers that they selected. In the event of a win from the US Powerball ticket, we will collect the prize money,. Then we’ll pay you the same amount as the prize money we collected.

The US Powerball really has it all; huge jackpots, life-changing prizes, and exciting features make it one of the world’s most popular lotteries. It’s no wonder people from all over the globe are clamouring to buy tickets.

Playing to win from the draws of this extraordinary lottery is as easy as signing up for an account with The Lottery Office! Here’s how:


Click on the “sign up” icon at the top of our home page. You can sign up quickly using your Gmail or Facebook account. You’ll be asked to input a few details and agree to our terms and conditions.


Now you’re ready to play! Visit our website and select the lottery numbers you want to play. You can choose a quick play, and the numbers will be selected for you randomly.


Complete the transaction and pay securely. You can pay using a debit or credit card, Bpay, bank transfer or Paysafecard. For your safety, our website is secured by 256-bit encryption technology. The Lottery Office also offers a ‘Pay In-Store’ option that allows you to deposit funds into your account over the counter at any participating news agency.

To play with us, you need to be over 18 years old, be a resident of Australia or New Zealand, and have an internet connection and a phone, computer, or tablet to access our website.

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