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Exciting Different Ways to Play Our International Lotteries

When you play with The Lottery Office, a big buffet of international lotteries is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. But, from our USA Mega Lotto to our La Primitiva lotto, there are so many unique features and different ways to play.

With options like combos, systems, syndicates, multipliers and many more exclusive to certain lotteries, here are all the exciting different ways that you can play our international lotteries – either online, or on our lotto app.

Lotto Syndicates

Syndicates, or group entries, offer a smart way to increase your chances of winning by joining forces and funds with others.

Man and woman hi five.

Think of the lottery prize as a big pie. When you are part of a syndicate, you all buy lottery tickets together, which means if any of those tickets wins, you share the prize pie. The more shares you buy in the syndicate, the bigger your slice of the prize pie becomes.

By pooling funds with others, you can purchase more tickets, which means sharing any prizes won. With The Lottery Office, joining a syndicate is straightforward – you can buy as many shares as you want until the syndicate is full. The more shares you have, the larger your portion of any winnings. Plus, we handle the logistics, finding players and organizing the syndicate for you, so you don’t have to.

Lotto Systems & Combining Systems

Lotto systems allow you to select more main numbers than the standard rules permit, offering a way to significantly increase your chances of winning. This method is akin to playing multiple standard games since choosing more numbers gives you more potential winning combinations. At The Lottery Office, while the matched overseas lotteries may not offer lotto systems, our government-licensed Australian lotteries do. Here’s how they benefit you:

  • A single Lotto System game is equivalent to playing multiple standard games, boosting your winning chances.
  • You can combine Lotto Systems with Guaranteed Numbers, allowing you to choose more main numbers and simplifying the selection process for secondary numbers.
  • This combination means more chances to win across several prize divisions with just one game.

Garaunteed Numbers

Guaranteeing secondary pool numbers in specific lotteries significantly enhances your odds of winning a prize. This feature is available for our USA Power Lotto, USA Mega Lotto, European Millions, and European Jackpot games, where you can:

  • Guarantee one or both secondary pool numbers, depending on the lottery.
  • Dramatically increase your chances of winning by ensuring the secondary number matches.

Pick 1 Less

Maybe the idea of picking all the right numbers is daunting for you. Luckily, there’s an option that’s perfect for you!

The ‘Pick 1 Less’ option simplifies the game by letting you choose one less main number. We cover all possible choices for the number you omit, effectively multiplying your chances to win by playing multiple standard games through one entry.

Say for example you’re trying your hand in our Irish Lotto. Normally, you’d select 6 numbers. With the ‘Pick 1 Less’ option, you’ll only need to pick 5 instead of 6.

We automatically select the sixth number in all possible combinations, giving you 42 chances to win in a single draw.

Lotto Combos

Lotto Combos from The Lottery Office give you the unique opportunity to participate in up to 8 international lottery draws with just one transaction. This means you’re not just aiming for one jackpot prize but could have a shot at winning 2, 3, or even 8 different jackpots across our range of government-licensed lotteries. It’s a fantastic way to increase your chances of winning by spreading your bets across multiple draws, all with the convenience of a single purchase.

The beauty of Lotto Combos lies in their variety and ease. Recognising that many of our players love the excitement of entering different lottery draws simultaneously, we’ve made it incredibly easy.

With Lotto Combos, it’s all about maximizing your chances and making your lottery experience as exciting and diverse as possible.

La Primitiva: The ‘Joker’ & The ‘Reintegro’ number

In our La Primitiva Lottery, playing the ‘Joker’ gives you a shot at winning extra prizes, all the way up to $1.6 million AUD. When you opt for the Joker game, a 7-digit number will be randomly assigned to your ticket. This number enters you into a raffle with seven fixed prize categories, opening more doors to win.

The ‘Reintegro’ number, which translates from Spanish to ‘refund,’ adds an interesting twist. You pick a Reintegro number from 0 to 9 for your ticket, which is valid for up to eight games. Matching the drawn Reintegro number means you get a refund equivalent to €1. But that’s not all – this number is also your golden ticket to competing for La Primitiva’s ‘Special’ jackpot prize. It’s a simple choice with the potential for a big payoff.

So with this many options, why wait? Play lotto with The Lottery Office today!

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