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How Does US Powerball Work?

The US Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world, with jackpots rising to over AUD$2 billion! Yes, that’s right you can win BILLIONS and with that kind of money – the world truly is your oyster. 

Whilst Australia has some big cash up for grabs, it can often be tiny in comparison to the money you can win from the draws of the US Powerball. 

In fact, the US Powerball is now one of the biggest lotteries in the world and currently holds the record for the world’s biggest jackpot! 

Luckily, with The Lottery Office, you can have a chance to win from the draws of the US Powerball for the chance to win, even if you’re Australian! 

What makes playing with The Lottery Office even better is that you can do it from the luxury of your couch all snuggled up while you watch TV. So why wouldn’t you take the chance to become a millionaire or billionaire without having to leave the comfort of your home? 

Sign up to play with The Lottery Office today and try your luck with USA Power Lotto 

How to Play? 

Want to know how to play international lottery from Australia?

When you purchase an entry in our USA Power Lotto, the Lottery Office will purchase a matching ticket in the US Powerball lottery conducted in the USA.

To win a US Powerball jackpot you need to match all 5 balls from a pool of 69 and the power number from a pool of 26. Our USA Power Lotto has the same rules. Even if you don’t win 1st division, 2nd division (5 winning numbers, no power number) is guaranteed at AUD$1.3 million. What a great second prize!

If a jackpot isn’t won, at least another AUD$13 million is added for the next draw.

How the US Powerball drawings work? 

USA Power draws are held twice a week, giving you even more chances to win!

Winners are drawn on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:12pm US Central time (Thursdays and Sundays AEST), with the drawings taking place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

Now the most important thing, where to see if you’ve won! You can check the winnings numbers on The Lottery Office website 24/7. 

woman winning US Powerball lottery

Can I use the Multiplier feature with USA Power Lotto? 

The answer is yes! 

  • From a pool of 43 balls, one is marked with a 10x, two with 5x, three with 4x, 13 with 3 x and 24 with 2x.
  • The ball marked with a 10x multiplier is only available when the jackpot is AUD$200 million or less. In this case there are only 42 balls in the multiplier pool. 
  • The second division prize with multiplier is always AUD$2.6 million.

If you win a 10x Multiplier with USA Power lotto it would take your prize money from:

 AUD$70,000 to AUD$700,000

AUD$40 to AUD$400


What happens if I win? 

You don’t have to fly overseas to collect your winnings. If you play lottery with us you have won from our lottery right here in Australia. We will pay you the exact same amount we collect from our matching ticket. You just buy a ticket in our lottery and you can win the exact same matching prize. 

Is it expensive to play lottery online?

Playing lottery with us is more affordable than you think. For AUD$7 you can purchase a ticket in our USA Power Lotto, with a matched ticket in the well-known US Powerball lottery. 

Is it safe and legal to play with The Lottery Office? 

It’s safe and legal to play online lottery with The Lottery Office. We’re licensed by the Northern Territory Government and both our financials and operating procedures are thoroughly audited. Live audits are conducted by the Northern Territory Government of our customer orders against matching tickets purchased and the resulting draw outcomes and winner payments. 

Also, our website has 256-bit encryption technology, ensuring any details you share with us are kept private. 

Can you remain anonymous with The Lottery Office? 

If you play lottery with The Lottery Office and win, there’s no need for a disguise! Lottery Office winners aren’t under any obligation to reveal their identity (unless you want to of course), you can remain anonymous and enjoy your prize money in complete privacy.


Are my details secure?

Yes. The privacy and protection of your personal data is of paramount importance to our company and we have implemented strict security processes and technical measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure or accidental loss. Your connection to The Lottery Office website is secured by 256 bit encryption technology, ensuring your personal information is protected during transmission to The Lottery Office website.

Why should I play with The Lottery Office?

We believe we can offer you a smarter and safer way to play lottery online. The Lottery Office is unlike other companies. Our unique business model allows you to enter our own Government approved lotteries. When you enter one of our lotteries, we will then purchase a matching ticket in a major overseas lottery and we will claim any prize that is won from the overseas ticket and pay you the exact same amount. This ensures we are able to pay out any prize and not have to rely on an insurance policy like other companies. It also allows our players to have the chance to win from matched tickets with major overseas lotteries with prizes reaching into the billions.

Who is The Lottery Office?

The Lottery Office is operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd. We are Australian owned and operated and licensed by the Northern Territory Government. We have offices in Darwin, NT and on the Gold Coast, QLD.

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