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Top 5 Biggest US Powerball Lottery Wins Of All Time

The Guinness Book of Records has verified the US Powerball as the holder of the world’s biggest-ever jackpot win. So, it’s obvious why people from all walks of life flock to purchase tickets with the hopes of becoming the world’s newest Powerball winner!

This article will look at the five biggest US Powerball lottery wins of all time. From an anonymous winning family self-named ‘The Power Pack’ in Maryland to a 24-year-old Milwaukee resident, these five lucky winners made history – and enough money to last them more than a few lifetimes!


At the top of our list is the world’s highest ever lottery jackpot win, which came in the draw on 7 November 2022. Not only was it the highest jackpot of all time, but it was won by just one person, in California. Lottery jackpot winners are obligated to reveal their identity as a condition of claiming their win. As of January 2023, they haven’t yet come forward, but we can probably assume they are so overwhelmed that they need time to sort their affairs out first. Life will never be the same for the lucky winner!


Next is the second highest lotto jackpot win of all time, at a monstrous USD$1.59 billion. It was won in January 2016.

An article by explains that the winners were John and Lisa Robinson in Tennessee, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt in Florida, and Marvin and Mae Acosta in California.” 

The three winners split the winnings equally, and each opted for the lump sum payment, making each couple approximately USD$327.8 million richer.

What an extremely Happy New Year it would have been for these winners!


24-year-old Milwaukee resident Manuel Franco won the third biggest US Powerball lottery prize with a jackpot worth a jaw-dropping USD$768 million.

Franco purchased his winning ticket in New Berlin, Wisconsin, in 2019, when he had less than $1,000 to his name.

At a press conference after the big win, Franco confessed that he felt like he was in a dream. He said, “It was amazing, my heart started racing, blood pumping… I screamed for about 5 or 10 minutes.”

The lucky winner chose to take the USD$326.2 million lump-sum cash option, making us wonder how he’s spent all that money over the last few years.

Young couple dancing


The fourth biggest US Powerball winner was Mavis Wanczyk from Massachusetts, who claimed USD$758.7 million in 2017.

Wanczyk became the world’s biggest-ever single jackpot winner at the time when she purchased a single ticket from Chicopee and matched all six numbers, taking her share of the then-record-breaking Powerball prize.

At the time, Wanczyk chose the lump sum cash option, walking away with an impressive USD$480.5 million and called her boss to say, “I will not be coming back.”

Hello, early retirement!


An anonymous group named ‘The Power Pack’ took out the fifth biggest Powerball jackpot in 2021.

The Power Pack, which consisted of a group of family and friends, purchased their winning ticket at Coney Market in Lonaconing, a small town in Western Maryland. This win has made a name for itself in Maryland, being the largest prize in Maryland’s lottery history.

The group took the lump sum cash option and walked away with a massive USD$366.6 million after taxes. The Power Pack informed officials that they had no plans to change their lifestyles. Instead, they wanted to invest the money to care for their families and positively impact the communities “for generations to come.”

The US Powerball lottery continues to be one of the most popular draws among the world’s biggest lotteries, with the latest jackpots reaching astronomical heights.

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