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The Lottery Office donates $3,000 to support teenagers with life-threatening illnesses

School holiday camps are a great way for Australia kids to get outside, make new friends and learn skills that they can take with them throughout their life. It’s also a chance for children to make lasting memories and start building their independence as they reach their teenage years.

However, for those teenagers in Australia that suffer from life-threatening illnesses or disabilities such as Leukemia, Muscular Dystrophy and Cystic Fibrosis, school holiday camps are often out of the question.

That’s where Teenage Adventure Camps – Queensland (TAC-Q) comes in to lend a hand. TAC-Q is a not-for-profit, volunteer charity that hosts annual, week-long, Adventure camps on the Gold Coast for teenagers suffering from disability and illnesses.

TAC originated in country Tasmania (TAC-T) 10 years ago with the aim of extending positivity into the lives of teenagers with disability and illness. After great success in Tasmania, TAC then opened a camp on the Gold Coast in 1993 (TAC-Q). Since 1995 the camp has seen more than 200 campers and 150 careers attended to enjoy a week in the great outdoors.

TAC-Q is a remarkable organisation which gives these children a memorable experience filled with activities that they once felt were out of reach. TAC-Q also allows parents to take a break while having peace of mind that their children are being appropriately cared for. And with 17.8% of young people in Queensland aged between five and 24 suffering from some form of disability, it is crucial that the work of TAC-Q continues to support these young people and their families.

The Lottery Office team are big supporters of TAC-Q and are inspired by how much these camps change the lives of Queensland children. As supporters of the TAC-Q ethos and values, The Lottery Office have donated $3,000 to fund 50 children to attend the 2020 End of Summer Wildlife Adventure camp.

There are currently more than 1,000 children on the waiting list to attend this year’s camp which is a true testament to the positive impact this camp has on the lives of those who attend. Every year, this one-week camp provides children the opportunity to meet others who have gone through similar experiences, forging lifelong connections.

The Lottery Office CEO, Jaclyn Wood, said the Lottery Office was proud to support TAC-Q in continuing to provide life-changing experiences for young Queenslanders.

“Often these children can feel left out in the mainstream system, so for TAC-Q to be able to give them a week where they can focus on just being kids and having fun is so important,” Ms Wood said.

“The activities TAC-Q run can really bring a child out of their shell while also teaching them important life skills such as independence and how to build relationships.

“We are proud to be supporting TAC-Q as they continue to do this great work.”

The Lottery Office encourages anyone who is interested in making the school holidays special for these amazing teenagers to donate via the TAC-Q website.

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