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The Importance of Responsible Gambling: Tips for Staying in Control

Playing in lotteries comes with the thrill of a potential win, the anticipation, the hope and attaching dreams to the imagined prize money when it’s paid out, and therefore, what you could spend it on and how that may change your life. It’s a giddying thought.

However, it’s essential to approach lottery playing responsibly to ensure it remains an enjoyable experience without causing harm. At The Lottery Office, we prioritise the well-being of our customers and have implemented various responsible gambling measures to assist in safeguarding our players.

Our team has compiled the following tips to help you play responsibly.

Responsible Gambling for Your Wellbeing

The Lottery Office places a strong emphasis on responsible gambling to protect its customers. Our primary concern is your well-being, and we want your lottery experience to be positive and stress-free. If you feel your gambling activities are negatively impacting your life or your loved ones, we encourage you to seek help. Free assistance is available through Gambling Help Online in Australia and Gambling Helpline New Zealand.

Take a Break Function

It’s crucial to recognise when you may need a break from lottery playing or the accompanying marketing communications. At The Lottery Office, we offer a “Take a Break” feature, which allows you to temporarily pause your lottery activities. By accessing the My Settings section of your account, you can choose to take a break. During this period, you won’t be able to deposit funds or purchase lottery tickets, and you won’t receive any marketing communications.

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Set a Weekly Deposit Limit

To maintain control over your lottery spending, consider setting a weekly deposit limit. This option is available in the My Settings section of your Lottery Office account. By establishing a proper limit appropriate to your circumstances, you can ensure you never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Additionally, you can access your transaction history at any time to track your spending and stay informed about your lottery expenses.

Self-Exclusion for Responsible Gaming

For those who feel they need a more significant break from lottery playing, the self-exclusion option is available. Under the My Settings section, you can choose to close your Lottery Office account at any time. If you decide on permanent self-exclusion, please follow the designated procedure. Self-exclusion allows you to take a step back and reassess your gambling habits in the hope of promoting responsible gaming practices.

Strict Age Verification

Protecting minors from gambling is of utmost importance, and we strictly adhere to age verification regulations. In Australia, gambling is illegal for anyone under the age of 18, and we enforce strict rules and procedures to prevent underage access to our services. When you register an account with The Lottery Office, you confirm that you are above 18 years old. We use a reliable third-party service to verify your age within 14 days of registration. Failure to verify your age may lead to account limitations, withdrawal restrictions and even to eventual account closure.

Responsible lottery playing is essential for maintaining a positive and enjoyable gaming experience. At The Lottery Office, we take responsible gambling seriously and have implemented various measures to help protect our customers. Remember to gamble only what you can afford to lose, take breaks when needed, and set deposit limits to stay in control of your lottery activities.

Additionally, help is available for those who may develop gambling-related concerns.

So embrace the excitement of lotteries responsibly and enjoy the thrill without compromising your well-being by playing it safely.

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