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The Best Advice for Playing Online Lottery

Playing the lottery online allows you to play to win from overseas lottery draws that include some of the biggest jackpots in the world. The best advice for playing the online lottery is to be patient and stick with it. You should also set your expectations realistically so you don’t get discouraged if you don’t win right away. At the end of the day, not everyone can be a winner, but you have to be in it to win it. So we’re giving away some of our best advice when it comes to playing the lottery online with The Lottery Office.


Whether you play with your own numbers each week or opt for a Quick Play, purchasing more than one ticket in a lottery will obviously increase your chances of winning. You should always spend only what you can afford so we’re not encouraging you to spend your life savings on lottery tickets, but grabbing multiple tickets within your budget will increase your chances of winning.

P.S. Our lotteries start at just AUD$3.70 per game. When you put it into perspective, forking out a few dollars for your chance to win millions seems like a pretty fair trade, doesn’t it?


Again, we’re not encouraging you to play every week for the rest of your life, but being consistent with how often you play online and how may tickets you buy will increase your chances.


If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s running online lotteries. So if you’re looking for a safe and secure online lottery experience, make sure to purchase your tickets from The Lottery Office. Sign up to The Lottery Office for your chance to win today!

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By setting up a Multi-Draw you can purchase 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 consecutive draws in one transaction. This is a great way to avoid missing out on a jackpot that you accidentally forgot to buy a ticket for.

There would be nothing worse than seeing your winning numbers come up and having missed or forgotten your chance to grab your ticket in the draw.

Note: The Multi-Draw feature is only available when you select your own numbers.


Now you can play lotto syndicates online with The Lottery Office, for more chances to win for less money! Select your game, select the number of shares you’d like to buy and increase your chances with more numbers spread across multiple tickets! Read more on it here.


We’ve said it already and we’ll say it again – playing more lottery draws increases your chances of winning and that could mean winning big! If you only have time to play lottery online once each week, why not change things up and play in different lotteries.

Our   let you enter the draws of multiple lotteries in one quick and convenient purchase. Our All Lotteries combo gets you a ticket in the draw of each of our exclusive lotteries.

So there you have it, the best advice we have for playing the online lottery! Good luck!


Who is The Lottery Office?

The Lottery Office is operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd. We are Australian-owned and operated, and licensed by the Northern Territory Government. We have our head offices in Darwin, NT, and a service office on the Gold Coast, QLD. The Lottery Office is unlike other companies. Our unique business model allows you to enter our Government approved lotteries. When you enter one of our lotteries, we will purchase a matching ticket in a major overseas lottery, and we will claim any prize that is won from our the overseas ticket and pay you the same amount. This ensures we can pay out any prize and not have to rely on an insurance policy like other companies. It also allows our players to have the chance to win from matched tickets, with major overseas lotteries having prizes reaching into the billions.

What's the difference between the Multiplier and Multi Draws?

The multiplier is an additional feature that can be selected when playing both USA Power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto. Selecting the multiplier can multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times for USA Power Lotto and 5 times for USA Mega Lotto. The feature works slightly differently for each lottery as outlined below: USA Power Lotto: ● From a pool of 43 balls, a multiplier ball is randomly drawn before each draw. One is marked with 10x, two with 5x, three with 4x, 13 with 3x and 24 with 2x ● The ball marked with 10x multiplier is only available when the jackpot is the equivalent of USD$150 million or less ● The second division prize with multiplier is always the equivalent of USD$2 million USA Mega Lotto: ● From a pool of 15 balls, a multiplier ball is randomly drawn before each draw. One is marked with 5x, three with 4x, six with 3x, and five with 2x ● All multiplier balls are available no matter what the jackpot for USA Mega Lotto Multi Draws are an option that allows you to purchase entry into up to 20 draws in advance in one purchase.

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