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So you’ve bought a European Millions ticket, now what?

EuroMillions has been around since 2004, but since its humble beginnings in the UK, France and Spain, it has expanded across Europe to Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. It’s now one of the most popular international lotteries and people are playing it (and winning it) around the world.


If you’re chasing a huge jackpot win, play in one of the ‘Superdraws’, although the regular jackpots are nothing to be sneezed at. If you sign up for an account we’ll keep you up to date when the next superdraw is about to hit so you don’t miss out.

How it works

When you purchase a ticket in our European Millions draw, we purchase a matching ticket in the EuroMillions draw held in Europe. You have exactly the same odds of winning as anyone playing in Europe.

Winners of the EuroMillions jackpot need to match 5 numbers from 1 – 50 and 2 lucky stars from 1 – 12. If you win our draw we’ll collect the matching EuroMillions win and pay the exact equal amount to you for your European Millions Ticket win!

EuroMillions is drawn twice a week, and jackpots start at a minimum AUD$26 million. There are 13 prize divisions, increasing the chances you have to walk away with a win!

Hunting for the big bucks? Before February 2020 the maximum jackpot prize was €190 million, and this has been won several times throughout Europe. It’s been increased to €200 million, and will be gradually increased to €250 million! We think it’s about time for us to bring a maximum jackpot win to Australian shores, where it would be worth AUD$400 million, what do you think?

If you’re a lucky jackpot winner there is no doubt that your life will be changed forever after winning, imagine how you could spend that much money!

And don’t worry, if you win you can remain anonymous. There’s no need to make yourself public after winning European Millions. Stay out of the limelight and enjoy your winnings in complete privacy!

So what are you waiting for? Buy a ticket in our European Millions draw, and we will purchase a matching ticket in the EuroMillions draw held in Europe. Check out the latest division prizes on our results page.

For more information on how to play European Millions go to our How to Play page on our website.


Can I play EuroMillions online abroad?

With The Lottery Office, you can play to win from draws of the EuroMillions from Australia and New Zealand. Simply buy a ticket in our European Millions lottery and we’ll buy a matching ticket in a EuroMillions draw. If the matching ticket wins any prizes, we’ll collect them, and then pay you the same amount that we collected.

When will EuroMillions have to be won?

Once the cap of AUD$320 million has been reached, if it then not won for 5 draws the jackpot prize will roll down to the next division that has a winner. Imagine winning AUD$320 million with a division 2 (or even 3) win!

Why do lotto winners go broke?

There are many reasons why some lottery winners eventually end up broke, from making their win public to making bad investments. Read the below article to see how to avoid some of the pitfalls that may come with the sudden, massive wealth that can come from a lottery jackpot win. There is no reason why you have the join the list of broke lottery winners.

Tips on how to keep a big lottery win
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