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14 Savvy Ways to Spend your Billion Dollar Jackpot

Your heart is racing. We’ve just contacted you and you’ve won our internationally matched lottery billion dollar jackpot!

There’s no doubt your head will be spinning and the excitement will take over your body for quite a while, but sooner or later it’s time to make some big decisions.

It might be your first instinct to hit the town and start spending, but this isn’t the time to be rushing into anything. Some past winners even recommend giving yourself 6 months to sit and think about how you want to spend the money.

Once you’re ready to start making decisions, here are 14 savvy ways to start spending your lottery win.

Professional help  

No, we don’t mean a psychologist; we’re talking about lawyers, financial advisors and investment specialists. Investing in a team of professionals will ensure you have the back-up support and expertise to make the best decisions.

Pay your debts

This is the first thing most people want to do with their international lottery winnings. Clearing your debt so you can start with a fresh slate, is an awesome way to spend your lotto winnings.

Invest wisely

It can be tempting to start investing in random funds, but it’s important to only put your money into calculated, researched and low-risk funds that are completely transparent. If you decide to publicise your win be ready for a flood of investment opportunities and have your advisors ready to explore them thoroughly.

Save it for retirement

No matter how you spend your billions you’d be silly not to save for your retirement. This way you’ll be protected no matter what happens with your money between now and then.

Save for a rainy day

You never know what happens in life so it’s always a good idea to squirrel away some money for a rainy day. If you don’t need it, great, more for your retirement fund!

Start a new business – or invest in someone else’s

Do you have a business you’ve always wanted to start? Or do you know of a business you would like to be involved in?

A savvy way to spend your billion-dollar jackpot is to start a new business or invest in someone else’s. Perhaps it’s a startup you believe in, or a hobby you’d like to turn into a profitable business, either way, do the figures before contributing your hard-won money!

Invest in yourself

Just because you don’t have to work anymore doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. As we age it’s important to keep our minds active, and what better way than enrolling in that course or university degree you’ve always wanted to study.

Donate to charity

Another popular way to spend lottery winnings is donating to charity. If you want to be savvy with your dollars ensure you do your research into just where the money will go and what it will help to achieve.

Start your own charity

If you can’t find a charity you’d like to donate to, start your own. Maybe it’s a cause close to home or a project overseas you’d like to get off the ground.

Change someone’s life

We’re not sure this one can be classified as ‘savvy’, but it’ll definitely leave you feeling good. Do you know of someone struggling with life or expenses? Free them up and lessen their burden by gifting them money. If you don’t want the credit do it anonymously.

Plan a legacy

What do you want to be remembered for? If there is something you are particularly passionate about spending your money and leave a legacy people will remember. Maybe it’s a playground at your local park, a hospital ward or a school in a third-world country, either way, it’s a great way to spend your lotto win.

Setup an education fund for the kids

Everyone wants to take care of their family after they win lottery. Setting up an educational fund for your children or grandchildren is an investment in their, and the world’s future

A holiday house or two

Real estate might not always be the savviest way to invest your money, but it will definitely go a long way to improve your wellbeing. Buy that beach house you’ve always dreamed of, or that villa in Bali on the cliff, it’s a sure investment in your happiness.

Spoil yourself

Don’t forget to leave money aside to celebrate the win and spoil yourself a little. There’s no need to go overboard, a new wardrobe, a new car or a vacation overseas. After all, what’s the point of winning if you can’t enjoy it!

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