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Saturday Lotto Divisions: Exploring the Prizes

Every Saturday’s is a special event at The Lottery Office! With four lotteries drawn each and every Saturday, there are plenty of Saturday lotto divisions to be won.

No other day of the week generates as much anticipation, with the four Saturday lotteries being some of the biggest in the world in terms of prizes.

These lotteries are:

  • USA Mega Lotto – drawn at 12:59pm
  • Italian Super Jackpot – drawn at 4:00am
  • European Millions – drawn at 4:45am
  • European Jackpot – drawn at 4:00am

What’s so special about the Saturday lotto divisions in these extraordinary lotteries?

How Big are the Saturday Lotto Divisions?

Not all Saturday lotto divisions are created equal, but there’s no denying that there are some truly extraordinary prizes to be won each Saturday.

Take the USA Mega Lotto, for example.

With a minimum division 1 prize of AUD$30 million, an all-time high of AUD$2.4 billion (August 2023) and division 2 prizes that can hit AUD$7.5 million with the Multiplier feature, you can see the huge potential in playing a lottery like this.

What about the Italian Super Jackpot? Its division 1 prize has reached AUD$575 million (February 2023) with its second division fluctuates approximately between AUD$450,000 and AUD$1.8 million.

For the European Millions, in July 2022, division 1 was at a huge AUD$340 million, with division 2 at a mammoth AUD$6.5 million.

In the European Jackpot, AUD$194 million was reached in division 1 in June 2023. Division 2 hit a huge AUD$3.9 million.

What About the Lower Saturday Lotto Divisions?

The highest 2 divisions aren’t the only prizes we should be looking at when exploring Saturday lotto divisions. There are tonnes of other prizes available too that shouldn’t be neglected.

The USA Mega Lotto has a total of 9 prize divisions and players can even win a prize by matching just one number (the Mega number). Aside from the jackpot, which grows each draw when it isn’t won, the rest of the divisions are more or less set in stone and only vary slightly, based on exchange rate fluctuations. The only way to modify them is if you buy the Multiplier option and boost your prize by a factor of 2, 3, 4 or 5, depending on which Multiplier is selected at random before the draw takes place.

The Italian Super Jackpot has a relatively small number of divisions with 6, however there is also a unique “Instant Win” division, which gives players a free chance to win an extra prize for each ticket they buy. The instant Win division isn’t based on the main lottery numbers drawn; instead it’s based on a separate set of random numbers.

For the European Millions, there are even more chances to win a prize, with a huge 13 divisions. Some divisions require that 1 or both “Lucky Star” numbers are matched to win them, while others don’t.

Hot on the heels of the European Millions is the European Jackpot, with 12 prize divisions in total. Similar to the European Millions, in the European Jackpot there are some divisions that require that 1 or both “Euro” numbers are matched to win them.

The lower division prizes for the Italian Super Jackpot, European Millions and European Jackpot can vary wildly each draw and are dependent on ticket sales and how many winners there are in each division.

How To Win Saturday Lotto Divisions?

I’ll say it up front:

There are no ways whatsoever to guarantee a win in a any Saturday lotto divisions, or in any lotto draw for that matter.

The best you can hope for is increasing your chances of winning a prize and hope the chips fall in your favour.

That’s not to say there isn’t anything you can do to increase your chances. A few ways to do this are below.

Enter a Lotto Syndicate

Lotto syndicates are great because they increase your chances of winning by enabling a group of people to buy multiple tickets together. You share the cost and you share the prizes and get far more games at the same time, which is what makes you more likely to win.

Syndicates especially make sense when the jackpot has climbed so high that splitting the win with others wouldn’t be much of problem for the syndicates members, as everyone would still get to take home a huge amount.

Multi Draws to Lock Your Entries in

To make sure you don’t miss any upcoming draws, the Multi Draw option can be a godsend. You can choose to enter 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 draws at one time, so that you can relax knowing you’re entered into the next draws of your favourite lottery.

More Games, More Chances to Win

Most people don’t realise that every game you buy for one of our 4 Saturday draws is another chance win a prize in one of our Saturday lotto divisions. The more games the more likely you are to see a win.

Next time you’re trying to decide which lottery to play why not take a chance on one of the huge Saturday draws exclusive to The Lottery Office? Sign up for free and play today.

Australian and New Zealand residents over 18 are eligible to play with The Lottery Office

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