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Rags To Riches: Lotto Winners Stories

You’ve probably heard the horror stories of lottery winners who have revealed their identity and it’s resulted in tragedy. Luckily, the winners at The Lottery Office who can to play to win from the draws of international lotteries can keep their identity a secret. Their positive stories far outweigh those who have fallen victim to the supposed ‘lottery curse.’

So let’s take a minute to tell their stories.

Player Buys Winning USA Power Lotto Ticket for his Wife’s Birthday

A Northern Sydney man was shocked to learn that he won AUD$43,000 in The Lottery Office’s exclusive USA Power Lotto for his wife on no better day than her birthday!

This Sydney resident signed up for an account with The Lottery Office just one day prior to taking home over AUD$40,000.

The win also came at the best time for this Sydney couple. The winner explains, “We lost a lot of business over the New Year’s Eve weekend as one of our staff tested positive to COVID, and we all had to isolate, which was a real kick-in-the-guts after barely making it through Sydney’s lockdowns.”

“This win has come at the perfect time for us and the best birthday present I could’ve given my wife. Once we’re out of isolation, I’m taking her out for the celebration she deserves.”

Having come out of a lockdown significantly richer, we’re positive they made that year’s birthday celebration a big one.

The winner has chosen to stay anonymous, as is the right of all winners with The Lottery Office.

Husband surprising wife

Victorian Resident Takes Home AUD$41,689 In Our USA Power Lotto

The Victorian player hit it big despite not being a regular lotto player. She signed up with The Lottery Office just over a month before she decided to take a chance and enter the USA Power Lotto draw, hoping to claim the massive AUD$163 million first prize jackpot.

The lottery prize money was well deserved for this Victorian woman. At the time of her win, she was working on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic as an administrator and a tester.

Our winner was keen to keep her win anonymous, with plans to let only her husband and parents in on the secret.

USA Power Lotto Player Wins Over AUD$1.65 Million

A Sydney player has claimed a division 2 prize in our USA Power Lotto, with a massive AUD$1,656,020 win!

This record-breaking win is Australia’s largest-ever pay-out coming about from the draw of an international lottery jackpot. The winner made the very wise decision to play USA Power Lotto and accidentally selected the Multiplier option for the low price of only AUD 3.45, which doubled their prize from what would have been just over AUD 820,000 to AUD 1.65 million. The Multiplier is available in both our USA Power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto and can multiply all non-jackpot prizes up to 10 times.

The Lottery Office team was so excited to call the player and tell him the great news of his record-breaking USA Power Lotto win!

He was very emotional when he told us that, like many Australians, he had been struck by Covid-19, and the win couldn’t have come at a better time. After working for himself for 30 years, Covid-19 has been disastrous for his business, and he was on the brink of ruin.

After not sleeping a wink since learning of his win, he was having a glass of celebratory champagne with his family when we called him.

The winner tells us that he prefers to play the lotto with an Australian-owned and operated company, so it made sense to play with The Lottery Office.

Playing with our free Lottery Office App, he won his prize with a Quick Play, where we select your lottery numbers for you at random.

With his juicy AUD$1.65 million prize, he plans to clear his debts and save his business.

NSW Woman Claims Almost $50,000 USA Power Lotto

A Lottery Office player got the shock of her life when she received a call from our Customer Support team to let her know she’d won AUD$48,732.32 in our USA Power Lotto!

She’d not yet checked the draw results and was completely unaware that she was almost AUD$50,000 richer.

The NSW woman, who opted not to have her name published, was delighted with the division 3 win. She said she was a scam victim recently, so the win was very timely for her.

She will be putting the money towards a trip to Hamilton Island and a cruise from South America to Antarctica. She’ll also be splitting the winning with her aunt, so they’ll be able to share in the spoils of the win together.

The winning ticket was purchased in our USA/Euro Combo, which allows players to enter our USA Power Lotto, USA Mega Lotto, and European Millions draws all at the same time with only one purchase.

We love helping people realise their dreams. So play at The Lottery Office, and maybe you’ll be the one to claim a huge jackpot prize in our USA Power Lotto or one of our other famous lottery games.

For every ticket you buy in our government-licensed USA Power Lotto, we buy a matching ticket in a US Powerball draw overseas with the same lottery numbers. If the US Powerball ticket wins a prize, we collect the prize ourselves and pay you the exact amount.

It’s as easy as signing up. So, don’t wait because you need to be in it to win it. And who knows, our next lotto winning story might come from you.

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