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NSW firefighters receive $10,000 from The Lottery Office to assist in their battle against the bushfires

Australian firefighters are one of the most brave, hardworking and committed group of professionals you will ever come across. They help the public with a range of safety and rescue matters, from saving entire buildings that are ablaze, to cutting open vehicles to free injured and trapped occupants. They put their own lives at risk to lend a hand wherever they can, and they don’t ask for much in return.

As we speak, firefighters are battling severe bushfires across vast parts of New South Wales, with extremely warm, dry and windy conditions making it much harder to control the blazes. Some of these fires are still burning intensely and are threatening the communities and wildlife surrounding them. So far, 530 homes have been destroyed and six lives have been lost in New South Wales as a result of these devastating fires.

The Rural Fire Service has said that more than 1,300 firefighters are continuing to work around the clock to control these fires. While we have faith that our firefighters will win the battle and control these fires, there are predictions that intense fire days are still to come. The efforts of our firefighters have not only taken a toll on their physical health but also on their emotions, as they continue to battle these fires day after day.

After seeing the valiant effort the New South Wales firefighters have put in over the past few weeks, The Lottery Office were determined to help the firefighters and have since donated $10,000 to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service is the lead agency that coordinates the efforts around bushfires across the state. It is a major emergency service that enlists the expertise of highly trained members and aims to reduce the likelihood and impacts of bushfires.

Their current total membership is 72,491, and in 2018 they attended more than 24,000 incidents across the state, with approximately 10,000 of these being bushfires.

General Manager of The Lottery Office, Jaclyn Wood, is hopeful that this donation will help the firefighters as they battle to protect New South Wales communities at this trying time.

“Australian firefighters and volunteers have been working extremely hard to keep residents in New South Wales safe from these fierce bushfires,” Ms Wood said.

“We hope that residents impacted by the fires are safe and out of harm’s way. The aim of this donation is to help the New South Wales Rural Fire Service keep everyone in these communities safe and get those who have been evacuated back to their homes as soon as possible.”

In times like this, we must appreciate all of our emergency service workers and support them in any way we can. They are the real Australian heroes who always put others safety before their own and are constantly lending a hand to those who need it most. So it’s time for us to lend them a helping hand in return.

If you would like to help out the volunteers, please visit the website for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

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