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5 Lottery Themed Movies and TV Shows You Must Watch!

All across the globe people purchase a ticket in the lottery, cross their fingers and hope that their special combination of numbers will make them a millionaire overnight!

Winning the lottery is truly an exciting and crazy life experience, it is no wonder that there are so many films and television moments based on winning the lottery.

If you are wanting some binge-worthy lottery themed television and film, we have created the perfect list just for you.

It Could Happen To You

The 1994 comedic drama is perhaps one of the most well-known films based on the lottery. Nicolas Cage stars as a police officer who splits his winning lottery ticket with his waitress as a tip. Winning, USD$6 million dollars, he keeps his promise to share his winnings and finds himself falling in love.

The film is based on the true story  of New York police officer Robert Cunningham who made a verbal agreement with his waitress, Phyllis Penzo, to split the money if he won the lottery. Cunningham ended up admirably staying true to his word, splitting the money evenly with Penzo.


In season nine of the popular television sitcom Friends, the group hope to win big in the jackpot, pooling together money to buy a dozen tickets.

They all end up quarrelling over how they would spend and split their fortune, making Phoebe throw their tickets away without checking their numbers.

Waking Ned Devine

The 1998 film is about two friends, Michael and Jackie, who hear the news that a man by the name of Ned Devine in their small town has won the lottery. The pair set off to see if Ned Devine will share his winnings with them, only to find he has died from the shock!

The pair work to defraud the lottery inspectors into thinking Michael is Ned Devine so they can claim his big lottery win.

must watch lottery movies

The Simpsons

Winning the lottery is that big of a deal, The Simpsons featured two episodes about it!

The first episode was about local news reporter Kent Brockman who realised while announcing the numbers for the lottery he had won the jackpot.

In a later episode, Homer Simpson ends up winning the lottery after a fortune cookie message tells him that he will have a lucky day. He ends up buying a ticket and winning $1 million. In order to purchase his lucky ticket, Homer had to break a promise with Marge. Deciding to keep it secret, Homer spends the million as quickly as possible.


The 2010 dark comedy Lucky, is about a serial killer who wins $36 million in the lottery. With a bank full of cash his long-term crush and co-worker Lucy finally shows a keen interest in him.

Lucy ends up finding herself in hot water when she figures out her now husband is a serial killer that murdered the young woman who bought the lottery ticket, and other women who look just like her.

Now that you’ve got a list of some great lottery themed movies and tv shows to watch, why not snuggle up on the couch and try your luck by playing in one of our 8 lotteries matched to international draws!

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