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La Primitiva’s biggest payouts

La Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. The first ever draw was on the 10th of December 1763,  making it well over 250 years old. To give you some context of how old this Spanish lottery is, the first ever car was made in 1886, 125 years after La Primitiva! The name even translates in English to “the primitive one.”

La Primitiva is a well loved game, with the highest jackpot reaching AUD$160 million! With massive jackpots and the chance to win a prize by simply matching one number, La Primitiva is worth playing!

With The Lottery Office, we make it easy to go into the draws of La Primitiva. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch. When you purchase a ticket in one of our lotteries, we purchase a matching ticket in the corresponding lottery overseas. If you win, we pay you the exact same amount. No fees or commissions.

Biggest Payouts

In 2015, one lucky individual won a whopping AUD$160 million dollars in prize money, the biggest sum handed out in the draw!

The biggest payout before that was AUD$107 million dollars, which was awarded to one lucky person in Seville!

How To Play

So now you know how much cash you can win from one of the oldest lotteries in the world, you’re probably wondering how you can play to win!

Just like the matching Spanish La Primitiva lottery, our La Primitiva is unique in that it has two different bonus balls; the ‘Reintegro’ (which translates to ‘refund’ in English) and the ‘Complementario’ (which means ‘complementary’ in English).

When selecting your numbers to play, you must select 6 main numbers from a pool of 1 to 49, and 1 Reintegro number from a separate pool of 0 to 9. For each ticket you play in the La Primitiva, you must select 1 Reintegro number. Each ticket has up to 8 games. This means, for example, that if you buy 10 games, you get 2 tickets, and must choose 2 Reintegro numbers.

The Complementario works like a traditional supplementary number commonly found in many other lotteries. It’s drawn from the main pool of numbers and is needed to win the third division prize, but it isn’t used anywhere else. You don’t need to choose a Complementario number; it’s simply selected as part of the draw process.

Simply matching the Reintegro number will be enough to get you a prize, and if you match it along with the 6 main numbers you’ll take out the first division prize (or as it’s called in Spain, the ‘categoría especial’). Starting at AUD$3 million, there’s no limit to how high the jackpot can go. When it’s not won, it rolls over to the next draw, growing larger each time it’s not claimed.

On top of this, it only costs $3.70 to play La Primitiva.

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La Primitiva’s Unique Feature

La Primitiva also has a unique feature called the ‘The Joker’. This has 7 prize divisions that are separate to the main draw, and allows participants to win additional prizes of anywhere from €1 (AUD$1.60) all the way up to €1 million (AUD$1.6 million)!

You are automatically assigned a 7 digit number when you play The Joker. A Joker number is assigned to each ticket you buy (remember, each ticket can have up to 8 games on it). This number is unique, so there can only be one first prize winner. Winner takes all for the main prize! There are also lots of other great prizes too, including AUD$16,000!

If you want the chance to win big in La Primitiva, play online now!

To purchase a ticket follow these steps:

STEP 1 – Visit our website and sign up for an account using your Facebook or Google account. Alternatively, you can sign up for an account using your email address. Share a few details and agree to our Privacy Policy and Ts and Cs.

STEP 2 – It’s time to play! Visit our website and choose the lottery and the numbers you’d like to play. If you’re time poor, choose a Quick Play and the numbers will be chosen at random for you.

STEP 3 – Complete the transaction and pay securely using a debit or credit card, Bpay or Paysafecard. For your safety, our website is secured by 256-bit encryption technology.

Note: To sign up for an account with The Lottery Office you must be over 18 years and be an Australian or New Zealand resident.


Is The Lottery Office legal?

Yes. The Lottery Office is operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd, and licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. All of our lotteries are approved, conducted and drawn in the Northern Territory under the supervision of Licensing NT. Our processes and financials are audited annually as required by our Regulator.

How do I sign up to The Lottery Office?

You can sign up to The Lottery Office using an email address or your existing Facebook or Google account. Just complete these three simple steps: 1. Click Sign Up at the top of our home page. 2. Enter your personal details. 3. Confirm you are over 18 years and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Once you have joined The Lottery Office you are able to begin playing straight away. Please note: The Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Act 2006 now requires all providers of online gambling operators to verify their customer details within 14 days of the customer opening an account. Our customer accounts are opened upon the customer making their first deposit (for lottery purchases) under the account number allocated to them. Although lotteries are generally exempt from the requirements of the Act in the spirit of cooperation with authorities we also attempt to verify your identity within 14 days.

Are my details secure?

Yes. The privacy and protection of your personal data is of paramount importance to our company and we have implemented strict security processes and technical measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure or accidental loss. Your connection to The Lottery Office website is secured by 256 bit encryption technology, ensuring your personal information is protected during transmission to The Lottery Office website.

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