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6 Amazing International Lottery Facts You Won’t Believe

International lotteries span the globe, and in a world of mega jackpots, million dollar prizes and big winners there’s a long list of extraordinary tales and statistics that are sure to surprise you.

We decided to dig up a few remarkable facts about International Lottery. Here’s what we found.

Lightning can strike more than once

A former math professor, Joan Ginther from Stanford University has won major lotto prizes multiple times. The first win was $5.4 million, 10 years later she won $2 million, another 2 years later she won $3 million, and in 2010 she hit the big time and won a $10 million jackpot.

Lottery saves a town

Did you know Lottery saved an entire town? A Spanish farming town named Granen was in financial dire straits, but after buying shares in one of the world’s biggest lotteries it was saved from its economic troubles. The win was £700 million and the money was distributed to each home in the village, approximately £400,000 each.

A caring gesture turns into $590 million

While waiting to buy a US Powerball ticket Mindy Crandall allowed 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie to push in line. BIG MISTAKE. The 84-year-old went on to win the $590 Million Powerball jackpot with this ticket, leaving Mindy only to dream about winning this amount of money.

Don’t lose your ticket

The biggest unclaimed lottery prize was recorded in the UK and was a huge £63,837,543.60 in 2012. But don’t worry about checking your tickets, it’s too late, the unclaimed win was donated to charity.

Covering all bases

More than 10 years ago an Australian syndicate purchased approximately 5 million tickets in a Virginian lottery, manually choosing almost all possible outcomes, and went on to win the $27 million jackpot.

Winners care more about family and friends than holidays

In a British study commissioned (by Camelot) of more than 3000 people who won more than $1 million, $1.8 billion of these winnings were generously given to family and friends. That’s more than they spent on holidays!

There are some amazing stories and lottery statistics out there, and it’s easier than you think to become part of the story! For each ticket you buy in our international lotteries, we buy a matching ticket so we can guarantee your winnings.  Maybe you’ll be the next extraordinary statistic!

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