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How to win without winning the jackpot

It’s a cold, hard fact of life that the vast majority of us will never win a lotto jackpot. Only a small group of people will ever know what it’s like to become an instant millionaire (or billionaire).

This reality doesn’t stop us from playing, though; we know the odds are stacked against us but there’s always that small chance that we’ll be one of the select few.

The great news is that even though most of us won’t win a jackpot, our exclusive lotteries at The Lottery Office still have plenty to offer, ranging from free tickets to free chances at cash and massive lower-division prizes.

Free tickets

Did you know that by matching just 2 numbers in a UK Lotto draw, you’ll get a free ticket in the following draw? If you manage to pull this off during a “Must Be Won” draw, you’ll also score a prize equivalent to £5, which is about $9.50.

Free chance at cash prize

Each time you buy a ticket in our Italian Super Jackpot, we get a crack at an extra cash prize, for free! The “Instant Win” feature is a favourite amongst our players. Each ticket is assigned 4 random numbers, and if you have those 4 numbers amongst your chosen lotto numbers, you win! You don’t need to do anything to play Instant Win or to claim any prizes, it’s all taken care of automatically for you.

How to multiply all prizes (except for the jackpot)

In two of our most popular lotteries, the USA Mega Lotto and the USA Power Lotto, players can buy the Multiplier feature when they play. This is a great way to get the most out of your non-jackpot wins. For each non-jackpot prize you win with the Multiplier, it gets increased by a factor of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10.

Imagine winning a USA Mega Lotto division 2 prize with the 5x Multiplier. That’s a prize of over AUD$7 million for a prize that would normally be AUD$1.4 million!

USA Power Lotto has the following Multipliers (one is selected at random before each draw): 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. The 10x Multiplier is available when the jackpot is the equivalent of USD$150 million or less. The division 2 prize is doubled, regardless of the Multiplier numbers drawn.

USA Mega Lotto has the following Multipliers (one is selected at random before each draw): 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Plant growing in a jar of loose change

Win other prizes with The Joker

Our La Primitiva lottery has an extra game that gets drawn alongside the main draw. “The Joker” game is an extra chance to win prizes, with up to AUD$1.6 up for grabs! It costs $3.70 per ticket to play the joker.

Serious minor prizes

We have 4 lotteries with a limit on how high their jackpots can climb. When these lotteries have hit their jackpot limits, it’s a huge opportunity for the lower divisions! When there’s no jackpot winner at the jackpot cap, the next division down with at least one winner gets a massive prize boost. For example, historically we’ve seen the European Millions division 2 prize pool reach well over AUD$30 million in these cases!

These lotteries are:

  • European Millions
  • European Jackpot
  • Irish Lotto
  • UK Lotto

We told you not winning the jackpot wasn’t the end of the world!

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