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How to Win Lotto: What’s the Secret to Picking the Winning Numbers?

Full disclosure here: if it were easy or even possible to predict the winning lotto numbers, everybody would be doing it!

The internet is crawling with snake oil salesmen claiming they know how to win lotto, and usually they have a book to sell telling you all about it. If they did indeed have the answers, they’d likely be enjoying the fruits of multiple lottery wins and living large in paradise.  Instead, we see them grifting to sell a handful of books on the internet to unsuspecting victims.

The cold, hard reality is that knowing how to pick the winning numbers is simply impossible.

That’s not to say there aren’t steps you can take to give yourself a fighting chance. We’ve collected some tips that you can use in your lottery play that can help you in your quest for that elusive win.

Lotto Syndicates: More Chances, Less Cost

Syndicates are a brilliant way to give you more chances to win, but at a fraction of the cost. They embody a collective approach on how to win lotto, making a win more attainable for each member.

They allow large volumes of tickets to be collectively purchased by the members of the syndicate, sharing the costs between each share. Because more tickets can be purchased, the syndicates chances of winning prizes are increased.

The only downside of syndicates is that the prizes are divided up based on how many shares are offered. For example, if the syndicate has 25 shares, and it wins $400 million in the European Millions, each share takes home $16 million. This can be mitigated by buying multiple shares in a syndicate. This is important because the more shares you have, the more you take home in syndicates that win prizes.

Consider the Strengths and Weaknesses of each Lottery

To give yourself any chance to know how to win lotto, it makes sense to first understand the lottery you’re trying to win.

There’s a delicate balance that each lottery strives for and this determines its strengths and weaknesses. The factors that affect this are:

  • Size of prizes – not just the size of the jackpot, but of the minor prizes, too
  • Cost to play – some are more affordable than others, meaning you can buy more tickets, increasing your likelihood of winning
  • Chances of winning – some are easier than others to win

Finding a lottery with huge prizes, amazing chances of winning and a low ticket price is very unlikely. We usually need to compromise on one or two of these.

If you’re willing to compromise on prize size, playing lotteries with a combination of lower cost and higher chances of winning is a simple way to make it more likely you’ll win.

Play Consistently

Have you ever heard horror stories of people forgetting to enter their numbers into a draw, only to find out they would have won the prize had they remembered to play?

This is a common narrative that really strikes a chord for some of us. Can you imagine the sheer panic if this happened to you?

Thankfully, there’s no reason this should ever happen. If you like to regularly play your favourite lottery at The Lottery Office, we offer Multi Draw entries which allow you to enter up to 20 draws in advance. Nobody ever won a lottery they forgot to enter and Multi Draws are a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Pick Your Numbers

Don’t be fooled! Statistically it makes no difference whatsoever how you pick your numbers. Whether you use favourite numbers or have them selected for you at random with a Quick Play, they all have exactly the same chance of winning. If anyone claims differently, you can be sure they’re either misinformed or dishonest. Those claiming to know how to win lotto by the way they choose  numbers can be dismissed right away.

However it can be a good idea to pick numbers that aren’t commonly used by others. This is because if you win the jackpot using uncommon numbers, you’re less likely to have to share the prize with anyone else. Birthdates are popular choices for lottery numbers, so staying away from these numbers can be a sound strategy.

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Playing More = More Chances to Win

It’s a simple maths game; the more entries you have in a draw, the more chances you have of winning. The more chances you have of winning, the more likely you are to win.

There’s no strategy or trick that can overcome this fact.

Is it Possible to Work Out How to Win Lotto?

There are no guarantees in lottery. Some people can play their whole lives and not have a significant win, while others can strike gold on their first attempt, like Juliette Lamour who won CAD$48 million the first time she played.

Lottery is all about randomness, but that doesn’t mean we have absolutely no control over how likely we are to win. Even though lottery odds will always be against us, with the above strategies, you can give yourself an advantage, however slight, over those who don’t use them.

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