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How to Play La Primitiva Special Games

Spain’s La Primitiva lottery is not just another lottery game; it’s a centuries-old tradition that has been making millionaires out of ordinary people. Thanks to The Lottery Office, this thrilling opportunity is no longer confined to Spanish borders.

Australians and New Zealanders can now also play our La Primitiva lottery which is matched to the Spanish Lottery and dream of an early retirement filled with siestas, thanks to potential jackpot wins right from the comfort of their homes.

Our La Primitiva lottery is not just about picking numbers and hoping for the best. It has two unique features that significantly enhance the gameplay and winning potential: the Joker and the Reintegro number.

The ‘Joker’

The Joker is an optional add-on to your La Primitiva ticket that gives you a chance to win additional prizes up to $1.6 million AUD. By opting to play, a 7-digit number is assigned to your ticket, entering you into a raffle with seven fixed prize categories.

Matching the Joker numbers in the exact order can win you prizes ranging from AUD$1.60 to a whopping $1,600,000!

This number is your golden ticket to a separate raffle, boasting seven fixed prize categories, some with the potential to turn your dreams into reality.

The beauty of the Joker game lies in its simplicity and the substantial rewards it offers. Prizes are awarded based on how many of your Joker numbers match in the exact order. Here’s a closer look at what that means for players:

  • First Prize: Match all 7 Joker numbers in the exact order to win $1,654,000 This top-tier prize transforms the Joker game into a life-changing opportunity.
  • Additional Prizes: The excitement doesn’t stop at the first prize. With categories for matching 6, 5, 4, 3, and even just the first or last 2 digits in the exact order, the Joker game ensures that there are multiple ways to win. Prizes range from $16,544.55 for matching 6 digits to a $1.65 consolation prize for matching the first or last digit.

    Spanish Fireworks

The Reintegro number

The Reintegro number adds a unique twist to La Primitiva, embodying the essence of hope and second chances. When purchasing your La Primitiva ticket, you’ll select one Reintegro number from 0-9. This special number serves two critical purposes:

  • Partial Refund: If your Reintegro number matches the one drawn, you receive a partial refund of the cost of your ticket. This feature ensures that even if you don’t win a prize in the main draw, you still have a chance to get some money back.
  • Jackpot Gateway: The Reintegro number is not just about getting some of your ticket price back; it’s also a key to unlocking the jackpot ‘Special’ prize. Matching the Reintegro in addition to the main numbers can elevate your win from a standard jackpot to the coveted ‘Special’ jackpot prize category, significantly increasing the total amount you take home.

The Reintegro feature truly is a testament to the lottery’s design, aimed at enhancing player experience by maximizing the chances of winning while minimizing the risk.

Why Play La Primitiva with The Lottery Office?

Playing with The Lottery Office means playing with ease, support, and a peace of mind.

  • Licensed and Regulated: We are regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. This ensures that all matching tickets in the relevant overseas lotteries are purchased and winnings are paid out in full on our own lottery tickets..
  • Local Support: Our customer support is based in Australia, ready to assist you with any queries.
  • Convenience: If you win, we handle everything. For wins under $10,000 AUD, funds are directly credited to your online account. For major wins, we arrange a payment method that suits you, without the need to travel.
  • Historical Wins: The matching Spanish La Primitiva has a long history of substantial jackpots, with one of the largest reaching over $160 Million AUD in October 2015.

Why These Features Matter

The Joker and Reintegro features are what set La Primitiva apart from other lotteries. They not only offer more ways to win, but also enrich the playing experience with layers of strategy. For players looking for more than just a traditional lottery draw, these features provide additional depth and engagement, making every ticket a new adventure.

By participating in our La Primitiva at The Lottery Office, Australian and New Zealand players have the unique opportunity to experience these fantastic features firsthand. Whether it’s the thrill of the Joker or the second chance offered by the Reintegro, La Primitiva invites you to dream big and play with the hope of turning those dreams into reality.

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