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How To Explain The Lottery Office App To Your Grandparents

We’re all friends here, so let’s be honest.

Grandparents and tech are a pretty tough combo! But hear us out.

Switching from using a desktop to go online and playing with The Lottery Office versus entering some of the biggest lottery draws in the world from a few taps from your Android phone or iPhone has a crazy amount of benefits.

So if you need help explaining The Lottery Office App to your Grandparents, we got you.


Download the app through either Google Play or the App Store.

Easy right? Well, you’re already halfway there!


Once you’ve downloaded the app to your Android or iPhone, hit the hamburger (the three lines) in the top left corner. By doing so, you’ll open up The Lottery Office menu.

Close to the top of the menu, you can either sign up for your account or log in to your current one.

Grandparents on lottery office app


You’re ready to start playing.

It’s honestly so easy!

The Lottery Office app allows you to see current draws available for you to play, along with pricing per game and other options to use such as the ‘Multiplier’ function.

The Lottery Office Application will also show you past results and options to play in Lottery Combos and Syndicates.

If you still haven’t convinced your grandparents to ditch the desktop, then here are a few more advantages to using the app:

You can:

Save your favorite numbers

Get faster access to your favourite numbers and draws

Check the latest Lottery results &

Get instant updates on big draws direct to your mobile phone

You can also take comfort in the fact that this app is entirely safe and secure. Your lotto winnings and tickets are all safe inside the app and linked to your personal Lottery Office account.

If you ask us, downloading an app and using it to play lotto with us is easier than logging in and playing via a website. So hop on the app train, and you can play to win from overseas lottery draws from anywhere, anytime.

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