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Iconic Rugby League Heroes Coach the Zeros

At the Lottery Office, we’re not just about offering Australians and New Zealanders a ticket to dream big; we’re about creating moments where dreams and reality merge!

Now that is exactly why we’ve partnered with our special brand ambassadors, the iconic legends: Wally Lewis, Gorden Tallis, and Nathan Hindmarsh.

These stars of the game aren’t just heroes on the field; they’re now coaching the ‘zeros’ – those thrilling extra digits that could turn up on your winning ticket – to reach their full potential!

Each zero brings you closer to a life-changing jackpot, and our legendary ambassadors are here to inspire you to dream big, just like they did on the field.

Meet the Stars of the Game: Wally Lewis, Gorden Tallis, Nathan Hindmarsh

Wally Lewis, Gorden Tallis and Nathan Hindmarsh have teamed up with The Lottery Office to train the zeros, just for you!

Heroes coaching the zeroes

From pumping iron with top-of-the-line designer bags to mastering the art of balance for lavish dinner parties, the zeros are leveling up in style.

And the best part?

If you strike it lucky, all those glorious zeros could be yours!

So, why Wally, Gorden and Nathan? Because they embody the spirit of true champions – resilience, determination, and that Aussie grit!

Their journey from rugged play to legendary status is quite the reflection of you, our players, who dare dream of reaching for the zeros.

True Blue Aussie Spirit at Play

As a proudly Australian-owned and operated company, The Lottery Office is deeply rooted in the Aussie culture we all cherish. Our partnership with the Titans is so much more than a collaboration – it’s a true celebration of our shared heritage and values.

Choosing Wally Lewis, Gorden Tallis, and Nathan Hindmarsh as our brand ambassadors was a natural fit. They truly represent Australia with their sense of fair play and boldness.

Together, we champion the dreams of every Aussie, providing a platform where they can aim for greatness, supported by the best.

From Zeros to Heroes: The Big Training Day

On a particularly extraordinary day, our three brand ambassadors, Wally, Gorden, and Nathan, joined forces to put these zeros to the ultimate test.

It was a full-scale training day at our very own Jackpot Training Facility!

First on the agenda was ‘Chauffeur and Car Care,’ where they coached the zeros on the finer points of vehicle pampering—everything from polishing to perfection to handling the high-end wax.

Next, they moved on to ‘Silver Service,’ a circuit designed to balance plates full of sparkling silverware. The agility and precision needed here were nothing short of Olympic!

This was followed by ‘Bellhop Sprints,’ a rigorous drill that had our zeros dashing through courses laden with luggage and designer bags – talk about functional fitness!

During the ‘Halftime Speech,’ the ambassadors encouraged, ‘They’ve gotta get in shape, and the right shape is zero! With more zeros on the way, we’re going to need a bigger facility!’

Through it all, Wally, Gorden, and Nathan kept spirits high with their booming encouragements and the occasional whistle blast – loud, proud, and undeniably Aussie!

Their approach was a perfect blend of tough love and team spirit, proving once again that behind every big win, there’s an even bigger heart cheering you on!

Join the action and Play Now with The Lottery Office!

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