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Genius Ways to Announce your Lottery Win to your Family

Just imagine getting the news: “Congratulations! You’ve won the lottery!” A win like this is probably one of the most exciting and unforgettable days of your life. And the only feeling better than holding that winning ticket is getting to share the news with your loved ones.

Luckily, Australian and New Zealand lottery winners don’t have to go public with their jackpot win, allowing them to avoid being in the spotlight, away from the public eye. However, most people will inform their family and close friends of the exciting news. The question is… how?

You could make it as simple as telling them straight out, but honestly, where’s the fun in that?! Especially now that you have a little extra cash at your disposal, this could be a chance for you to delight your family with a huge surprise to tell them your fantastic news and make them feel involved in the process.

So, keep reading for genius ways to announce your lottery win to your family.


Yes, you could choose to have your family over at your house for a traditional meal, or… You could go extravagant and book a table or an entire space at your favourite restaurant or venue. Keep them guessing by not giving too much away or disguising it as another event like a birthday, or a family get-together.


Sure, you could text your family the news but ask yourself this question, “What would a billionaire do?”

Being generous with your newfound fortune is a perk that comes along with a wealthy lifestyle. Spoiling the people in your life and saying ‘thank-you’ with a gift will not only have your family members in a state of shock and gratitude, but you will feel amazing being the one responsible for bringing such joy into their lives. And that is priceless. So what will it be? A new car? The hottest new Apple product? Now that you’re an overseas lottery winner, the options are endless.

Man surprising partner with new car


You’ve seen the skywriting, right? Or perhaps a message flag trailing a helicopter? Usually, it says something like ‘Will you marry me’ or has news of an upcoming event. Imagine this: It’s a typical day. Maybe Sunday dinner with the family, and you direct their attention out the window to the words ‘I’m Rich!’ written in the sky. You have to admit that it would be a pretty memorable experience.


Announce your big win by funding a holiday for the entire family! You could post airplane tickets with accommodation information to everyone invited with a little “P.S. I just won from an overseas lottery draw.”

Combining the announcement with a holiday will give you and your family lifelong memories of this momentous moment in your life.


Announce your big win with a postcard sent from the private island you recently purchased with your lottery winnings. How cool would that be?

You don’t need to announce your lottery win to the world, but the way you choose to announce your overseas lottery win to your family could be epic.

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