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Donation Boosts the Literacy of South Australia’s Children

United Way South Australia was established in 1973 and is committed to enhancing the reading skills of South Australian kids.

In some areas of South Australia, 1 in 3 kids begin school with a literacy disadvantage, lacking the skills they need to effectively learn and succeed at school.

By encouraging children to begin reading as early as possible, United Way aims to improve the literacy of pre-schoolers to give them the best chance of success in school. Parents are also supported, as they educate their children in preparation for school and life.

The Lottery Office is proud to donate $10,000 to United Way South Australia. This will provide monthly book packs and other resources for one year. It will directly help 66 disadvantaged children in the Playford council area.

This will help make sure that these kids are ready to make the most of their time at school.

If you wish to help disadvantaged kids improve their literacy skills, give the gift of books at the United Way South Australia website.

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