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Common superstitions people have when playing the lottery

Think back to a time when you felt quite intense anticipation. The yearning, the determination – it almost makes you break a sweat, right?

Well, just like one might frantically rehearse their formulas in the shower before a big math exam, or like a bunch of athletes engaging in some strange pre-game ritual, self-prep is important! No matter what that looks like for you.

In the realm of lotteries and superstitions, there seems to be no end to the belief that even the most unusual factors can be a certain source of luck!

Pregnant ladies, bald heads, and black cats!

With many lottery superstitions out there, there are practices that border on the mystical and are steeped in some rather age-old beliefs. One such superstition, which has found its way into the routines of many hopeful players, revolves around the idea of transferring luck by physically interacting with the ticket.

What could that mean, you might ask?

Well, rubbing a lottery ticket on a black cat’s back is thought to capture a bit of its mysterious charm, possibly boosting your luck.

Black cat on woman's shoulder

It is also thought that rubbing lottery tickets on the bellies of pregnant women (provided they agree of course) would tap into the promise of new beginnings and potential. Bald people are no exception the lottery touch demands, as a following superstition believes that a quick rub over their head might just do the trick too.

Here’s some food for thought. Imagine you’re sporting a shiny bald head or are expecting a little one. Would you be game to allow people to swipe their lottery tickets over you, hoping for a stroke of luck?

“Lucky” Numbers

The idea of “lucky” numbers is a common superstition that many people hold dear. These numbers might be special dates, like birthdays or anniversaries, or the numbers of favorite sports teams. The belief is that these numbers, for some mystical reason, can bring good luck, especially in games of chance like the lottery or sports.

For example, a basketball player might always choose to wear a jersey with their lucky number, thinking it’ll bring good performance. Similarly, when playing the lottery, people often pick these numbers in the hope of hitting the jackpot.

However, it’s important to note that this belief in lucky numbers has been thoroughly debunked. Lotteries are games of pure chance, and every number has an equal probability of being drawn, regardless of its history or how often it has been picked in the past.

A number that hasn’t been drawn in over 100 games is just as likely to be drawn as one that has appeared in several recent draws. So, while the idea of lucky numbers can add a fun, personal touch to playing the lottery, it’s crucial to remember that the outcome is always down to chance.

Lucky clothes, jewellery and colours

Beyond simple rituals like rubbing tokens and selecting lucky numbers, many people believe in various superstitions to enhance their chances of winning. These include specific clothing choices and avoiding certain colours!

One popular good luck charm is the four-leaf clover, quite a rarity in itself. It seems the belief is that one kind of luck might attract more of the same.

There’s a common notion that red and yellow are unlucky colours. Therefore, some people advise against wearing them. Incorporating them into any lucky charms you might carry would also be a no-go.

Woman wearing red shirt, man wearing yellow shirt

However, the effectiveness of these superstitions is dubious since lottery outcomes rely purely on the random selection of numbers. These beliefs tend to lean more towards the supernatural — a realm of mystery and ‘what-ifs’.

To wrap this list up, here are some more wild superstitions that some think will boost the chances of winning the lottery:

  • Pop a silver coin in your shoe when you buy your lottery ticket.
  • Carry an old iron key in your pocket when getting your ticket. It’s all about “unlocking” fortune.
  • Grip your lucky charm tightly in your right hand while depositing funds, whether in-store or online.
  • Use numbers from a fortune cookie or roll a pair of dice to pick your lottery numbers.

While lucky charms can’t statistically increase your odds, why not join in the fun, and test out some superstitions? Play with The Lottery Office today!

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