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Can you Predict Winning Lottery Numbers?

Winning the lottery is at the top of everyone’s to-do list, so the question ‘can you predict winning lottery numbers’ is one that comes up quite often. 

A lot of people think you can (cue Google search), but lottery numbers are chosen completely at random, making it impossible to predict exactly what numbers will be chosen next.

Can’t you predict winning lottery numbers using mathematics?

The short answer. NO.

There are plenty of websites spruiking ways to identify which numbers will be drawn next, however, because the numbers are chosen at random, it’s not possible to accurately predict the winning numbers. 

While it’s possible to see patterns of numbers that have been chosen more regularly than others in previous draws, this won’t help you predict the winning numbers to take out the next big lottery jackpot. 

Do lottery wheels help you predict winning lottery numbers? 

Let’s face it.

If there was a way to predict winning lottery numbers, we’d all be winning the big prizes every week. 

A lottery wheel is a system believed to help predict winning lottery numbers. Players buy several tickets and arrange the numbers across the tickets so they will have a guaranteed winner if the numbers drawn fall within a range of selected numbers. The lottery wheels rely on the numbers within that subset to be drawn.

While many people speculate that lottery wheeling works, any win using this method is more than likely contributed to the fact that multiple tickets were purchased, increasing the players chance of winning!

Lottery numbers are chosen at random

Many people use birthday numbers or significant dates to choose their lottery numbers, but remember, dates only go up to 31, so that’s a high number of numbers you’ll never get to pick!

Increase your chance of winning

Here are a few simple tips to increase your chance of winning lottery:

  • Playing more draws. The more times you play the lottery, the more opportunities you have to win. 
  • Play more games. It makes sense that you increase your chances of winning by playing more games in the same draw. 
  • Play more lotteries. The more lotteries you play in, once again, the more opportunities you have to win. Try a Combo! Play the USA Combo, Euro Combo, USA/Euro Combo or All Lotteries Combo to play across the whole range of online lotteries. 
  • Never miss a draw again. A Multi-Draw allows you to ‘set and forget’ and purchase 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 games at the one time. This is only available if you choose your own numbers. 

Multiply your prize money! For an extra $3.45 you can choose the Multiplier option when you play USA power Lotto and USA Mega Lotto. This feature can multiply any non-jackpot win by up to 10 times, so you can make the much easier to win ‘small prize into a much larger one! 

Want more chances to win – play a syndicate! 

Now that it’s so easy to play a syndicate with The Lottery Office, there’s no excuse not to get onboard! A syndicate entry gives you more buying power, combining everyone’s money to purchase a greater quantity of lottery tickets, giving you more chances to win. 

Can you predict the winning numbers

As you can see, while you can’t predict lottery numbers, you can take steps to increase your opportunity of winning lottery with The Lottery Office. 

Play online lottery with The Lottery Office to give yourself a winning chance to win from the biggest lotteries in the world! Sign up for an account today!

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