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8 Things every international lottery player needs to know

Every day international lotteries grow in popularity and now more people than ever are playing to win the huge jackpots. It’s easy to play international lottery and here in Australia, we’re lucky to have access to win from lotteries from across the globe.

Here are the things you need to know if you’re new to international lottery and you’re ready to play for the big money!

1. Don’t forget it’s global

That’s right, there’s no need to settle for the same Australian lotteries you have always played, now you can play our lotteries which are matched with lotteries played in countries around the world. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, forget the queues, all you need is internet access!

When you purchase one of our lottery tickets, we will purchase a matching ticket in an overseas lottery, which ensures we can pay out the exact same amount of any prize that is won and you’ll never lose your ticket!

2. Research the prize money

Not all lotteries were created equal and the jackpots differ for every lottery. Just recently the US Mega Millions jackpot rose to a mind-blowing AUD$2.1 billion! Can you imagine winning a jackpot of this size?

If you like to chase the big jackpots keep your eye out for the EuroMillions SUPERDRAWS, which are held randomly and send the prize money rocketing sky-high!

3. Is it legit?

Before you play international lottery it’s important to know that the lottery is safe and you’re protected! Research the company, find out how long they’ve been operating and their history.

To give you piece of mind The Lottery Office has been licensed since 2003. We are licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government and strictly audited both operationally and financially.

4. Are you supporting Australia?

You can be assured The Lottery Office is an Australian owned and operated business. We also donate a percentage of our ticket price to Australian charities and good causes.

Also, our customer service team is located right here on the ground in Australia, so there’s no need to deal with representatives from a foreign country.

5. Understand the lottery

Before playing international lottery it’s important to know how it works and how you can win. Each lottery is different, so find out how to play and understand the rules before you pick your lottery numbers.

6. More chances to win

International lottery is a game of luck and everyone has an equal chance, but of course, the more tickets you buy, the better the odds you have of winning any prize including a big jackpot.

7. Did you know you can stay anonymous?

There’s no need to announce your win to the universe. When you purchase one of our Lottery Office tickets you can avoid the hoopla and stay anonymous.

8. Have fun

Remember, you have to be in it to win it! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win, the more times you play international lottery the more chances you have to win the big prizes.

Start your international lottery journey with The Lottery Office, you never know where it will take you!

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