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8 outrageous ways lottery winners have spent money

What would you buy if you won a big lottery jackpot?

Playing to win from the draws of international lottery gives you the chance to win hundreds of millions of dollars. Becoming an instant millionaire can change your life forever!

Past winners have shown that the possibilities are endless. They’ve spent their prize money on everything from water parks to reality TV shows. Unfortunately, some past winners haven’t been so smart with the way they have spent their lottery jackpots.

Let’s look at the wackiest ways past lottery winners have spent their winnings.

A reality TV show

If you win a AUD$50 million lottery jackpot, will you invest in a reality TV show featuring girls wrestling in bikinis? This seemed perfectly reasonable for 19 year old Jay Vargas who won US Powerball in 2008. Unfortunately, Jay’s TV show, Wrestlicious, was taken off air after only one season. Seems money can buy you lots of things, but can’t increase ratings!

A backyard racetrack

Michael Carroll turned every rev head’s dream into reality, building a racetrack in the garden of his new Norfolk villa. 19 year old Michael, who was quickly renamed The Lottery Lout by his neighbours, squandered his almost AUD$17 million lottery win on race cars, drugs, alcohol, parties, and prostitutes. After burning through his money, Michael Carroll started working for a cookie factory in the North of Scotland and now works 7 days a week as a coal miner.

Car on backyard racetrack after lottery win

The ultimate shopping spree

Back in 1961, a lottery winner’s wife declared she would ‘spend, spend, spend’, after winning lottery in the UK. While Vivian Nicholson may have had a wardrobe to make every fashionista jealous, her money soon dwindled away and she declared bankruptcy only 4 years later.

A local waterpark

Dream of owning your own waterpark? Mega Millions lottery winner John Kutey made his dream a reality! As the lucky winner of more than AUD$40 million, John used his winnings to demolish a local pool and build a massive spray park for the locals to enjoy. He also donated another AUD$280,000 to build a water park in New York. This guy really loved water play!

John used his winnings to demolish a local pool and build a massive spray park for the locals to enjoy.

A fight to legalise marijuana

Winning a AUD$35 million lottery jackpot didn’t stop Bob Erb from following his passions. The British Columbia resident was already a strong activist for the legalisation of marijuana, and donated almost AUD$1.5 million to the cause. This B.C. Robin Hood also donated thousands of dollars to various causes and businesses in his town.

Cannabis plant

Professing a true love of whiskey

Irish Lottery winner Peter Lavery loved his whiskey, so much that he bought an old Belfast jail and transformed it into a whiskey distillery. This is after he went on a holiday and bought himself a fancy sports car. Sounds like a great way to spend a AUD$17 million lottery win!

Lighting up the skies

In 2005 lottery winner Debbie Mather decided to light up the skies with her lottery win. The lucky lottery player invested in her own fireworks business.


Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash

Sisterly love

Sisterly love doesn’t get much sweeter than buying your two sisters breast enlargements! While buying herself a toy poodle and chihuahua with her AUD$5 million lottery win, social worker Sarah Cockings invested in her sisters’ self-confidence.

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