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6 Ways Lottery Winners Can Help The Environment

In general, lottery winners and wealthy people not only have more significant bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us – they also have larger carbon footprints. As a result, said wealthy people are more often than not in the spotlight and under the public eye’s scrutiny. Unfortunately, this also means that by default, they hold a specific power of influence. The pressure to help the environment can be a lot, but as a lottery winner, you can make a difference where it counts. It may not be as costly as you think.

Here are six ways to help the environment as a lottery winner.


Admittedly, we all have a carbon footprint, but not all of us are jetting around, buying luxury goods, keeping mansions warm and driving supercars. The wealthy who live an extravagant lifestyle may unconsciously be creating a larger carbon footprint. The more stuff you own, the more you travel, the more fossil fuels burned, and the more greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Knowledge is power, my friend, so make sure you’re making the right choices when it comes to your lifestyle. We’re not saying to give up the luxuries of being a lottery winner. Instead, you could opt to use LED light bulbs, invest in electric cars, and consider getting solar panels on your home and real estate investments.

On that note:


Just because you have a few extra digits in your bank account, don’t go on a spending spree for items you do not need. Instead, flaunt your wealth in more environmentally friendly ways. For example, you could use it to invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses.


You don’t have to donate your whole fortune, but setting up regular donations to charities can ease the pang of guilt caused by environmental activists who will no doubt protest every move you make.

Not sure which charities to start with? Off the top of our head, we can recommend:

World Wildlife Fund Australia

The WWF Australia is committed to stopping “…the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature“. The organisation works with businesses, communities, and governments to protect endangered species, create sustainable food production and consumption processes, and research climate solutions to take steps into becoming carbon neutral.

Elephant family

Planet Ark

Unite people, businesses, and governments through positive environmental actions.

Planet Ark is an organisation that promotes sustainable resource use for a circular economy while supporting low-carbon lifestyles and connecting people with nature. Their main goal is “to bring about genuine environmental change.

 Australian Conservation Foundation

Protect, restore and sustain the environment.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Great Barrier Reef; this organisation was founded 53 years ago to protect it.

Don’t forget that charitable donations can be a tax deduction!


Climate research is one of the keys to unlocking emission reductions and adapting to climate change across the developing world.

In 2015, Microsoft founder Bill Gates committed $2 billion of his fortune to fund research. Of course, we’re not saying to donate every cent of your winnings, but if you can spare a measly $100,000 after winning big in an overseas lottery, that would go a long way.

To be completely honest, you don’t have to be a lottery winner or a trillionaire to play your part in helping the environment. You can:


Being super-rich comes hand-in-hand with the power of influence. So use it wisely. Set an example and lead the way to a better future for our children.

Read about how The Lottery Office is playing their part and donating to Australian charities.


By simply educating your friends, children, families and followers about the importance of environmental sustainability, you are doing a service to the environment.

You don’t have to win the lottery to start helping the environment. But as someone who has stepped into a large fortune, you have the power and influence of change where it counts.

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