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5 Victorious Vacations Lottery Winners Should Take

How would you like to join the jet-set crowd and holiday like a celebrity?

Cruise the Greek islands for months at a time, enjoying the incredible sights that Mykonos has to offer. Hire a private island at the South Pacific’s premier island escape of Bora Bora. Or take a year off and spend time in your beachside mansion while living a luxurious lifestyle.

While most of the population is packing their beach towels and swimmers in duffle bags and driving to their beachside camping spot, a small percentage can afford a more extravagant holiday. Instead of filling tiny cars with pre-packed food and sleeping bags, they can afford to stock their private jets and head to places in the world an ordinary person couldn’t imagine.

These kinds of vacations would take the majority of us more than a lifetime to save for, but a mega-multi-millionaire lottery winner wouldn’t even blink at the expense. So please purchase your ticket and get your suitcases ready in case you win, because here are our top 5 vacations every millionaire should take.


We have all heard of van life, right? We’ve seen the Instagram famous Elise Cook and her husband who traveled Australia modestly in a small VW Kombi van? Well, imagine that except your van is a 5 star, fully renovated, luxury RV with all the bells and whistles.

Your new home on the road has a fully functional bathroom, including a toilet and shower, along with a master bedroom with a king-sized plush mattress. Every meal is a gourmet chef-prepared meal or something you whip up in your fully equipped mobile kitchen.

There is no better way to enjoy this wonderful country’s incredible sights than driving through it. You spend your days finding hidden beauty in the white sandy beaches and exploring inland on the hiking trails, uncovering the Earth’s raw and untouched beauty.

If traveling in an RV doesn’t appeal to your newly wealthy alter-ego, keep reading.


Luxury private island

When it comes to private islands, you have options all around the world. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the remote island of Little Peter Oasis in Belize in Central America. Warm up by the fire during your stay on Deepwater Island in Ontario, Canada, or enjoy the culture and cuisine on Paradise Island in Brazil.

If private islands stays aren’t your thing, this one might be for you:


Explore the beautiful Greek Islands from the comfort of your very own private yacht.

With more than 200 islands to choose from, secret beaches to explore as well as culture and history too beautiful to describe, Greece is a must-see destination for anyone who joins the millionaires club.


As a lottery winner, why limit your holiday to just one destination? Instead, explore new horizons (literally) by hiring or purchasing a private jet and traveling the world. Spend the morning soaking in the sun on the Amalfi coast and the afternoon sipping a cocktail and nibbling on canapes in Spain. Next stop? Wherever your heart desires.


As a lottery winner, you might not want to jet off to various locations around the globe. But, on the other hand, winning the lottery means that you can afford to purchase a home in your dream location, so why leave your dream location when you can take a year (or two) off and enjoy it?

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