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5 Things You May Not Know About Irish Lotto

No exploration of the Irish Lotto would be complete without tipping our hats to the legendary “Irish luck.” A term that has passed through far and wide, it embodies the optimism and hopeful spirit that this lottery represents. Players all around Australia are drawn to the Irish Lotto not just for its favourable odds, but for the chance to be touched by the famed luck of the Emerald Isle.

The Irish Lotto, with its rich history and philanthropic edge, offers more than just a chance to win big. It stands out for its simplicity, favourable odds, and the legendary luck of the Irish. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, here are five intriguing aspects of the Irish Lotto that might surprise you.

How it began

Wondering how the Irish Lotto came to be?

Person putting in letters to a mailbox - Postal Service

Well, it was launched in 1986 by An Post, the Irish government’s postal service. The Irish Lotto was created to offer an exciting game that would change lives and fund charitable initiatives.

In 2014, the baton was passed to Premier Lotteries Ireland, a consortium that now operates the Lotto under a 20-year license. The Irish Lotto has a storied history of creating millionaires and supporting communities, embodying the spirit of luck and generosity that Ireland is known for.

Regular Draws Twice a Week

One of the most appealing aspects of the Irish Lotto is the frequency of draws, which occur every Thursday and Sunday AEST.

This twice-weekly schedule keeps the excitement alive and gives players regular opportunities to win. The anticipation builds up every week, culminating in these eagerly awaited draw days.

Matching the Overseas Lottery

When you enter the Lottery Office’s Irish Lotto draw through The Lottery Office, a matching ticket is purchased in the Lotto draw actually conducted in Ireland, called ‘Ireland’s Lotto’.

This unique approach ensures that your entry is mirrored in the lottery in Ireland, offering a seamless and authentic gaming experience that spans continents.

Impressive Jackpots and Charitable Contributions

While the potential to win an estimated $10 million jackpot is a major draw of the Irish Lotto, the game’s impact goes well beyond the financial rewards for individual winners. Each ticket contributes to a weekly charity fund, with approximately €4.3 million (around $7.6 million AUD) going to various good causes. This ensures that every play is part of a larger effort to make a difference, offering a sense of fulfillment that complements the excitement of the draw.

In line with this spirit of giving, The Lottery Office enhances the experience of participating in the Irish Lotto by making its own contributions to local Australian charities and community groups. This commitment is rooted in a desire to see local communities thrive. Playing the Irish Lotto at The Lottery Office not only opens the door to winning big but also supports Australian charities.

Favourable Odds Compared to Other Lotteries

The Irish Lotto offers some of the most favourable odds of winning among major lotteries. With a 6/47 format, the odds are more appealing than those of lotteries requiring selections from a larger pool of numbers. This balance of reasonable odds and substantial jackpot sizes makes the Irish Lotto a compelling choice for both seasoned lottery enthusiasts and hopeful newcomers.

The Irish Lotto is more than just a lottery game; it’s actually quite the blend of excitement, convenience, charity, and the mystical luck of the Irish.

Whether you’re drawn to its easy gameplay, the allure of its jackpots, or the chance to make a difference, the Irish Lotto offers a unique and thrilling experience that keeps players coming back for more.

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