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5 Investing Tactics For Lottery Winners

So many of us daydream about what it would be like to win the lottery. The new car, new house, new experiences. Sounds incredible, right? And of course it is! But what many lottery winners fail to consider is that now that they’re rich, how do they stay rich?

Initially, you may spend your newfound fortune on items and experiences that bring you joy. Rightfully so, it’s a rite of passage as a lottery winner (check out what previous winners have spent their millions on in this article). But, you also need to consider your future and how you can keep living a life full of freedom, fulfillment and happiness.

Winning big comes hand in hand with a big responsibility. It can be stressful seeing a large sum of money suddenly drop into your account after years of only seeing 3-4 figure digits. People can often become overwhelmed and filled with fear at the thought of that money somehow disappearing. Some people become so full of fear, that the winnings sit untouched for months at a time!

As a lottery winner, being smart with your money becomes your biggest lesson. Learn where, when, and how to invest your money and what investments will achieve you the best returns.

According to Warren Buffett, the No. 1 investing rule is to not lose money. So here are our five investment tactics that will allow lottery winners to keep their money and grow it!


Paying off any outstanding debts is a great way to make sure you stop losing money on interest payments. Being completely debt-free is also a very liberating feeling.


One of the first things you should consider after your lottery win is engaging a financial advisor. If you’re used to living paycheck to paycheck, you might not be the best person to manage a small fortune. Unless you have a background in investments and banking, make an appointment with a professional. A financial advisor will take the stress out of managing your money. And don’t worry, you can afford it!

Couple with financial advisor


Yes, you just become a multi-mega-millionaire lottery winner but remember your fortune was won, not earned. The goal is to manage your finances in a way that allows your bank balance to increase, not decline.

Have you heard the term you have to spend money, to make money? Initially, this may be the case, but ultimately, the goal is to increase your bank balance and reduce your expenditures.


Investing in assets that will build equity and retain value is a great way to grow your investment portfolio. Sure, a nice car is fun to drive around and definitely lets people know that you have a fat bank balance, but in most cases, the value will quickly depreciate.

An investment property is an asset less likely to depreciate. Real estate investments usually either retain value or better still, grow in price.

Commonly financial advisors recommend investing in real estate as part of an investment strategy. Gaining a property portfolio is a great investment tactic for lottery winners.

Lottery winners could also invest in assets whose resale value could increase after purchase. Collectibles and artwork are a great place to start.


Before winning the lottery, what did you do for work? Did it make you millions? No? Now that you have joined the millionaires’ club, you have the opportunity to invest in yourself. Why not acquire new skills that will level up your earning potential? Go to educational events & seminars, hire a business or life coach, make connections with people in an industry relevant to your fields of interest and keep growing. Learn anything and everything you can and then use it to your advantage. Create and retain a lifestyle that will have you set up for a life that you can love.

So go ahead, enjoy your newfound fortune for a while. Live big, do everything you ever wanted, and then… Connect with a professional that will advise you on money management. Set your goals, start investing, and watch a life you never thought possible unfold in front of your eyes.


Can I win more by playing online in lotteries that are matched with overseas lotteries?

Yes! The online lottery prize money overseas is huge in comparison to traditional Australian lotteries, with jackpots that can reach into the billions. The Lottery Office gives our players the chance to play to win from the draws of these giant international lotteries.

Are all Australian Lottery Jackpots the same?

Traditional Australian lotteries are great. However, they don’t quite measure up to big US lotteries. US jackpots are HUGE, with prize money reaching the hundreds of millions, and sometimes even billions! Play to win from the draws of these famous lotteries at The Lottery Office.

How often should I play lottery?

How often you play lottery is completely up to the individual. You can play one draw a week, or you could play 2 or 3 times per week. The more you play, the more chances you have of winning.

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