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4 Practical Tips For Lottery Players

So, you want to win the lottery and become a millionaire overnight. Yes, a bank full of cash and the opportunity to buy 7 red Ferraris, one for each day of the week is a daydream for many. Winning once is a dream come true. For some, they’ve been lucky enough to win twice, and if you’re Richard Lustig you will have won 7 times! Yes, that’s right, 7 TIMES!

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to win, some of which is not so useful. Well, The Lottery Office has created a sweet sweet list of practical tips you can try next time you play the lottery to increase your chances of winning.

Play A Syndicate

A lottery syndicate is a group of players who purchase lottery tickets together. Each player buys a share. If the syndicate is a winner, the prize money is divided between each share. Players can purchase as many shares as they like, up to the designated amount available.

The more shares a player buys, the more money they’ll receive if the ticket is a winner!

When you play a syndicate entry you have more buying power. Because everyone’s money is combined, the syndicate can purchase a larger quantity of lottery tickets, giving all players a greater chance to win.

Some of the biggest international lottery winners have played a syndicate entry. In 2016 a family who played a US Powerball syndicate together walked away with one of the biggest US Powerball jackpots, just over AUD$660 million!

Not long after a syndicate of 20 co-workers won more than AUD$575million, that’s approximately AUD$28 million each!

Use Our Lotto Systems

Lotto Systems add a new dimension to your favourite lotteries, allowing customers to select more than the usual allowable amount of lottery numbers.

With Lotto Systems, you get more chances to win than with a standard game. This is because when you can select more pool numbers than usual, you exponentially increase your chances of winning, as a single Lotto System game is essentially the same as playing multiple standard games. It’s a fact that playing more games is the best way to give your winning chances a boost, and Lotto Systems are a quick and easy way to do exactly that.

Be Consistent

Being consistent matters. According to the laws of probability, all the numbers have exactly the same chance of being drawn. Probability also dictates that the more you play, the more you give yourself the opportunity to win. If you play for one week, then you have just the chances you bought in that draw to win against quite high odds. If you play on a consistent basis, the overall lottery odds don’t change per draw but you’ll have more chances of winning overall.

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Number “Formulas” Statistically Don’t Help

There is no real formula for winning the lottery. An example of a formula would be picking numbers in a specific shape that can be visually seen on the ticket itself. These can vary from straight lines to complex patterns. Picking numbers in this way does not increase your odds since the results of the draw will always be random, regardless of if you choose to play numbers in a straight line or a squiggle.

Because the numbers drawn are random, there is no way to predict them. ‘Formulas’ won’t get you any closer to the winning numbers, so it doesn’t really matter how you pick your lottery numbers.

Now that you have these practical tips under your belt, it’s time to play! You can sign up to The Lottery Office using an email address or existing Facebook or Google account. Just complete these three simple steps:

  1. Click Sign up at the top of our home page.
  2. Enter your personal details.
  3. Confirm you are over 18 years and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Once you have joined The Lottery Office you are able to begin playing straight away.


Who can sign up with The Lottery Office?

Anyone aged 18 years and over and who resides in Australia or New Zealand, can register an account with The Lottery Office.

Why should I play with The Lottery Office?

We believe we can offer you a smarter and safer way to play lottery online. The Lottery Office is unlike other companies. Our unique business model allows you to enter our own Government approved lotteries. When you enter one of our lotteries, we will then purchase a matching ticket in a major overseas lottery and we will claim any prize that is won from the overseas ticket and pay you the exact same amount. This ensures we are able to pay out any prize and not have to rely on an insurance policy like other companies. It also allows our players to have the chance to win from matched tickets with major overseas lotteries with prizes reaching into the billions.

Do you support any charities and good causes?

Yes. The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund was set up to ensure that a percentage of our revenue would be put back into local communities and organisations. If you would like to suggest a charity or cause that would benefit from a donation, please contact

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